“I. Am Not. A Hoo-er. I. Am Not. A Hoo-er…”

Pope Francis said he wanted us to make a mess.

Golden Voiced Dan Sealana has built a whole radio show out of that idea and taken The Mess to the airwaves in San Antonio, Texas.

He’s smart, he’s fun, he’s a little puckish, which I liked when we settled into a chat a few days ago, and not just to talk about Strange Gods.

Give a listen. Toward the finish, you’ll discover what the header of this post is about, even though — beyond the rest of it — I really didn’t mean to say that I would make hoo-ers out of all the Patheos writers!

That was a serious misspeak.

Egad! Sometimes you just misspeak, you know?

Meanwhile, this is the beginning of something that will be revealed in due time…

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  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    Loved the bit about Ameridolatry! I think that this is the biggest obstacle to ridding the country of abortion, given the false expectations that pro-life people have about the political process, as if it were sacred and the sympathetic politicians, angels.

    PS: St. David lived in the 900s BC, didn’t he? The Psalms are 3,000 not 4,000 years-old.

  • Adam Frey

    David’s reign was probably from about 1,000 to 970 B.C., give or take a few years in either direction. It’s a little difficult to tell which, if any, of the Psalms were written by David. Surely he didn’t write all of them–for example, Psalm 137 reflects on the Babylonian captivity which was 400-ish years after David.