“I. Am Not. A Hoo-er. I. Am Not. A Hoo-er…”

Pope Francis said he wanted us to make a mess.

Golden Voiced Dan Sealana has built a whole radio show out of that idea and taken The Mess to the airwaves in San Antonio, Texas.

He’s smart, he’s fun, he’s a little puckish, which I liked when we settled into a chat a few days ago, and not just to talk about Strange Gods.

Give a listen. Toward the finish, you’ll discover what the header of this post is about, even though — beyond the rest of it — I really didn’t mean to say that I would make hoo-ers out of all the Patheos writers!

That was a serious misspeak.

Egad! Sometimes you just misspeak, you know?

Meanwhile, this is the beginning of something that will be revealed in due time…

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