Cry Woof! Welcoming Will Duquette to Patheos

Cry Woof! Welcoming Will Duquette to Patheos October 29, 2013

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Will Duquette has been hanging around Patheos for a while, as one of several splendid folks helping Julie Davis review books, books and more books over at the Happy Catholic Bookshelf, and he did some blogging on his own, as well, but it was kind of discreet, in manner and form.

Well, we’ve brought the rest of Will Duquette, not just his book reviews, over here to Patheos, and it’s a lot less discreet, all around. I am actually very tardy in introducing him to you all, but he had the bad luck to arrive right in the middle of The Days of Constant Francis, where we were spending 18 hours a day just trying to help the world to process the pope. Now that things have quieted down a little, and we’ve caught our breath, I’m really thrilled to direct you to Cry Woof!, and introduce you to Will Duquette, Dominican Tertiary, who intends to “let loose the dogs of whimsy”. But don’t let that fool you. While he can be very wry and amusing, Will also brings terrific, usually gentle insight to his writing, and explores theology in a way that makes it fun even for people who think they hate it.

Being a Dominican, Duquette is one of God’s Dogs: loyal and loving. But when absolutely necessary, he can go for the theological jugular, as he does here, while fisking a note a “Christian” left for a waiter.

10. God’s love will not be wasted on homosexuals. This the one that really frosts me, because it’s absolute hogwash. Gays are not some special class, unlike all others, who are somehow beyond the bounds of God’s love and mercy.

There is no one that God does not love. We can’t make God love us more by behaving properly, and we can’t make God love us less by behaving improperly. God’s love is a fierce shining light that falls on all us; the only question is, will we turn our backs on it and face the darkness, or turn our faces to it and slowly learn to cope with the brightness.

The Christian life is not a life spent becoming acceptable to God. The Christian life is a life spent learning to accept God’s love.

Let me repeat that.

The Christian life is not a life spent becoming acceptable to God. The Christian life is a life spent learning to accept God’s love.

It’s true that learning to accept God’s love involves learning to leave our sins behind us. I’m not pitching some kind of wimpy universalism: growth in holiness is necessary, and so difficult that without Christ’s help it’s impossible. But God loves us, always and eternally. That’s why He became man, so that we could accept His help.

It is a pleasure to include such a writer to our happy little gang here at Patheos. Yeah…you want to bookmark him! And subscribe to the blog! And follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

Welcome, Will Duquette! Another professed layperson, blogging here, but the first Dominican amid so many Benedictines! Sit. Bark! Good doggie!

Cry Woof! And Let Slip the Dogs…

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