September 5, 2016

Big news! In addition to blogging here about things Catholic, I will also be blogging about books and the writing of books at, the new home page for my novels. Check it out! And many thanks to Larry D. and Rebecca Frech for hosting as the newest member of the Catholic Conspiracy, and to Julie Davis for the logo! Read more

August 1, 2016

Those happy few who have read Vikings at Dino’s sure seem to like it; the latest review up at Amazon, from a man I’ve never met or spoken to, goes like this: Anyone who’s a fan of Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams will feel cozy at home with Vikings at Dino’s. Told with a dry-humored prose that had me laughing out loud every couple of pages, the novel is a story of the outrageous and fantastic (in the literary genre... Read more

June 19, 2016

My latest at Aleteia: …while some saints live their lives in the spotlight, God blesses others with lives of perfect anonymity, so that the fruits of their holiness become known only when their lives are complete. Pier Giorgio was one of the latter. Blessed Pier Giorgio, pray for us! And don’t forget to read Vikings at Dino’s! ____ Photo credit: public domain Read more

June 14, 2016

"I really really hope this novel develops into sequels since it is easily one of the best things I have read this year. So for selfish reasons I urge you to obtain this book, because I want more!" — Jeff Miller, the Curt Jester Read more

June 8, 2016

There’s been a great deal of unpleasant discussion in the blogosphere this week, and I don’t intend to add to it; but I’ve been repeatedly put in mind of a scene from the movie The Philadelphia Story. Socialite Tracy Lord, played by Katharine Hepburn, has a romantic moonlight swim with report Mike Connor, played by Jimmy Stewart. Tracy had been drinking rather a lot, and the next morning she can’t remember what happened. She’s dreadfully afraid that she went rather... Read more

June 4, 2016

So far as I know, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem never performed Shel Silverstein’s “Cover of the Rolling Stone”; but they should have, darn it. Here’s Dr. Hook instead. And don’t forget to read Vikings at Dino’s! Read more

June 2, 2016

Julie Davis of Happy Catholic was one of my first readers for the draft of Vikings at Dino’s; here’s her 5-star (oh, my!) review. Julie’s a constant reader, and her reviews have led me into many hours of happiness, and to get a 5-star review from her makes me very happy about my company on her reading list. I especially like this comment: I don’t want to say too much because a lot of the joy is in letting the... Read more

June 1, 2016

A friend of mine from when I was in graduate school has written a book of poetry. Check it out, if you’re so minded. Read more

June 1, 2016

Way back in 2005 while investigating the nature of the Early Church I found and read Rod Bennett's Four Witnesses. In that book, Bennett traces a golden thread from the Apostolic Age through the end of the second century, by way of Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus of Lyons. It was while reading Justin Martyr's description of the Mass that I uttered a rude word. See, I was an Anglican in those days…but the Mass... Read more

May 30, 2016

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, Vikings at Dino’s, is now available as both a trade paperback and a Kindle e-book. Should you read it? Of course you should! Vikings is a fantasy novel (unless it’s a science fiction novel) set mostly in the present day. The tone is mostly light (the epigraph is from Douglas Adams) but it isn’t farcical. It concerns one Michael Henderson, who just wants to eat his lunch in peace: When the Viking war... Read more

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