May 27, 2016

So I’ve finished proofreading; now I need to make all of the corrections and compile the final draft! Read more

May 26, 2016

So on Tuesday night I dropped my daughters off for dance class at 6:30 and then went over to the church for the Tuesday night inquirer’s session. The session starts at 7 PM; I usually try to get there at least twenty minutes earlier to get the ventilation working (A/C or heating, depending on the time of year), and I’ve gotten into the habit of saying Evening Prayer as soon as I’ve set the thermostat. When I finished that, I... Read more

May 24, 2016

On Tuesday nights since last September, I and my friend Diana have been co-leading our RCIA program. We’re a smallish parish, and in the time I’ve been involved we’ve usually had maybe two people preparing for baptism and a few preparing just for first communion/confirmation. We’re a good team; I joke that I’m the talking head, and Diana’s the loving heart. The RCIA process finished up at Pentecost, naturally. But Diana and I had been thinking…the newly baptized and confirmed... Read more

May 23, 2016

We usually attend the evening mass on Sunday; and for an added treat, yesterday’s mass was also Confirmation for our teenagers with our new auxiliary bishop, Joseph Brennan. I liked Bishop Brennan and the way he spoke to our confirmandi very much. And then, of course, as the sacrament proceeded we got to listen to their confirmation names, which is always interesting. Two of my children have been confirmed in the past few years, and I have two more to... Read more

May 19, 2016

So I wrote a novel a couple of years ago; and I’m finally getting my act together and getting it published. I’m going the “indie” route; you’ll be able to get it at Amazon and other outlets as a printed book, or on Kindle. That there in the picture is the proof copy that just came in the mail. (I can already see that I’ll need to change the margins a bit.) Purty, ain’t it? Read more

May 17, 2016

How do we convey the splendor of Heaven when splendor is commonplace? Read more

May 16, 2016

The application of these ways to the Internet is left as an exercise for the reader. Read more

May 15, 2016

My Lay Dominican chapter had a retreat yesterday led by Fr. Brian Mullady, OP. Given that this is the Year of Mercy, Fr. Mullady spoke extensively on mercy and the works of mercy; and he made a point that I hadn’t considered before. In normal, everyday speech we often contrast justice and mercy, as though to be just is to not be merciful and to be merciful is not to be just. But this is not quite right. Justice and... Read more

May 13, 2016

There’s been lots of handwringing in some Catholic circles about Amoris Laetitia, and just today about the Pope’s supposed words about women deacons; and as always it leads me to the same reflection: if the Catholic Church is the universal Church established by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised the Gates of Hell would not prevail against, then Francis has not the power to destroy it, even if he wanted to. And if the Catholic... Read more

May 13, 2016

Well, howdy! Been a while. And frankly, it’s not you, it’s me. So happens the last seven or eight months have been a bit fraught. There were big changes at work, and new challenges, which meant I didn’t have much attention to spare; and what attention I had to spare had to go to my family, my Lay Dominican chapter, and the RCIA group at my parish. And for a good bit of that time, up until a couple of... Read more

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