Raffling off Magnificat’s Advent App! TWO WINNERS!

UPDATE: Magnificat was nice enough to send me a second gift app, so I was able to pull two winning names, and they are: (Ta-da!)

Shauna Anderson and MMR. Brian Sullivan was the first pick, but I shouldn’t have included him, because he has an android. Offered an Ave for you, Brian!

I have emailed you both with your appropriate codes. Enjoy!

Congrats, and thanks very much to everyone who donated. The sisters are very grateful, indeed!

Some may have noticed me, in social media, recommending the 2013 Magnificat Advent App, which every year gets better and includes more cool stuff. This year, along with the morning/evening/night prayers they compile (psalms, short readings, intercessions, etc), the daily lectionary, their excellent meditations, they have included recorded Advent chants, blessings, Advent blessings, instructions on the O Antiphons and more. It’s a chock-a-block little app!

Because I am a sucker for all things Magnificat (this beautifully wrought, book of meditations by Benedict XVI is one of my favorite gifts to give and most fruitful personal reads), I of course downloaded the app right away, but today in my email I found that Magnificat was sending me a freebie. When I thanked them and said I already had it, they suggested I hold a raffle.

What a good idea, right? So here’s what I want to do: do you see the little “Donate” button near the bottom of this page? Anyone who goes visits the Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery and makes a wee donation — say $5 (or more if you like)– will be entered into the raffle.

The App works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Anchoress, it’s a .99 cent app, why would anyone want to donate more than that to enter?”

It’s a good question. I’ll give you a choice of answers:

*** Because it’s Advent and they’re nuns — each consecrated as “a house of prayer and a temple of intercession” — who pray for our good, just because they want to!

*** Because maybe you missed #givingtuesday yesterday and want to make a small donation somewhere, in order to warm the cockles of your heart in days of lengthening shadows!

*** Because God is never outdone in generosity!

*** Because you want to give me a present for Christmas (you know you do…) but I am remote and only reachable through your screen. Donate to them and I’ll feel gifted!

*** Because they remember the intentions of their benefactors every day, and if you donate to them, you become a benefactor.

*** Because Magnificat is cool.

How will I select the raffle winners?

I think we can be on the honor system, here, don’t you? I mean, who is going to lie about donating to nuns, which would be a wicked thing to do.

So, you make the donation, drop a note here in the combox that the deed is done (you needn’t tell the amount, although you can if you want to) and at noon on Friday December 6 (Feast of Saint Nicholas!) I will put all the names in a hat, and pick the winner.

Easy-peasy and you do something nice for this lovely community of nuns of hard-praying, hard-working nuns. How about it?

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  • MeanLizzie

    I’ll start with a donation even tho I don’t need it! :-)

  • Win Nelson


  • Benedict1

    I am brand new here. This app does not seem to be available for Android, or am I missing something? Thanks for your help

  • a regular reader

    Dear Elizabeth, seeing that beautiful portrait of BVM and the Child Jesus reminds me of the two previous U.S. postal stamps issued in their honor. Both portraits seem to have been chosen to distract mightily from the faith message, focus the viewer/purchaser solely on particular body parts, and result in mental images
    which saturate our sex-saturated society. Last year’s stamp has the Baby Jesus grinning as his hand tucks into BVM’s bodice. This year’s painting speaks for itself as one specific body part is the prominent focus. Both these paintings are beautiful to the person who is steeped in Catholic religious painting and in the Catholic faith itself. I would be interested in your opinion of these two stamps. It seems a very calculated attempt to further ridicule and marginalize Catholicism.

  • Shauna Anderson

    Just donated! They look like a lovely community. We have the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist here, and we love them.

  • Todd

    Actually, I am thinking “Why is it not available for Android? There are a lot more Android devices than Apple. :(

  • mmr

    I’m in

  • Cynthia

    Just donated. What a nice idea to help the nuns!

  • Debbie

    I’m wondering that too. Android users need this too.

  • Brigit Barnes

    But the App is not available on Androids, and although you can call up in Google, it is impossible to navigate. I am a long time subscriber, and keep hoping that the App will be made available on both platforms. the Divine Office App is and actually works better on the Galaxy S-4 than on my I-Phone.

  • Peggy Bowes

    I keep hoping Magnificat will make their apps available for Android too!

  • Theresa

    Just read this site for the first time and made a donation to these wonderful sisters.
    God bless

  • Brian Sullivan

    Done. I need the prayers, but as an android user sadly not the app. :-(