Is Benedict the “founder of the feast”?

The beauty of the Gospel touches our hearts,
a beauty that is the splendor or truth.
It astonishes us, again and again, that God makes himself a child…
so that we may love him,
so that we may dare to love him,
and as a child trustingly lets himself be taken into our arms.
–Pope Benedict XVI, Christmas Homily, Midnight Mass, 2012

Because the world is paying attention, again; exposure to Catholic teaching is on the rise. This is the first step toward learning and renewed understanding. The Church itself seems to be a renewed place this Christmas, because of a great lesson in Trust taught to us via this much-reviled and put-upon servant of Christ. Let’s take a second to offer a prayer for him in the spirit of these days of hope and quiet longing. By casting the church — and in truth, the entire world — into the path of the Holy Spirit, he is, in one sense, “the founder of the feast” of quasi-goodwill we are currently enjoying since the election of our dear Pope Francis.

Thomas Peters has more thoughts.


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  • Fr. Gaurav Shroff

    Thank you! This act of his — his renunciation — still causes me such wonder. What an incredible act of trust in the Holy Spirit. I love this man. He has inspired me so much, and my priestly vocation too. May the good God continue to bless and protect him!

  • jenny

    nice picture…..

  • Mary Petnel

    Amen Thank you Pope Benedict. You are a quiet saint.

  • Tiny Tim

    And on the other hand, it contains an allusion to Scrooge, which is how many see him too. A lovely usage

  • Stefanie

    At morning prayers today, I found myself dwelling again about Papa Benny…that it was about a year ago that he had definitely decided to step down…and I wondered what his final Christmas homily to us had been. I mean, if you were moving off the world stage to live in somewhat seclusion, what would you say — knowing what you know and knowing what ‘they’ — your flock — doesn’t yet know.
    What a year this has been — how trusting we must still become!
    Thank you for providing this, Elizabeth.

  • Katalina

    I will repeat this yet again to the good Father, there is NOTHING to wonder about he is getting older and losing his strength as well as his vision and his hearing. Did you not see him today having to walk with a cane now? I am sick and tired of not taking the Pope Emeritus at his words why he stepped down. They are suggesting that he was LYING when you all known full well his motto was TRUTH. So stop with the institutions about why he stepped down. We believe Francis when he speaks so why not Benedict. Oh yeah I forgot he was suppose to be there until he died, but he has hinted even putting his garment of the tomb of St Celestine in 2010. How quick we forget.

  • NCMountainGirl

    It takes an exceptional man to let go of the reins of power. particularly when the weight of tradition is against it. The alleged reactionary was truly revolutionary in that regard. He toiled most of his life laying the intellectual groundwork and then stepped aside to be rewarded with the selection of a personality better suited to take the message to the wider population.