Christie and Bridgegate; He Has the Wrong Pass

The “Bridge-gate” story currently haunting Chris Christie is not funny. Bridge tie-ups, aside from being inconvenient and schedule-mauling, are dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. It is possible that one elderly woman died because of the traffic snarls that apparently originated with administration staffers. It is absolutely fair and appropriate that the mainstream press inquire and investigate into what NJ Governor Christie know, and when he knew it, re the whole affair.

If Christie did know about it, he ought to resign, not least because we already have too many petty-minded politicians in office who are willing to use err, joke about using their positions to punish their political enemies.

One element of the story, however, has been deeply entertaining: the reaction of the mainstream press. On social media, we can see them talking to each other as they try to piece things together, or encourage crowd sourcing. They’re just so doggone happy to have something to report on — a real scandal, requiring the asking of genuine, challenging questions and actual digging for clues, facts. A story where there are things to be pieced together!

The press hasn’t had an opportunity like this before them is five years, and they’re as giddy as babies holding all-day-suckers.

I don’t blame them. Five years is a really, really long time to go without a single story of government malfeasance to report, or of political covering-up, or partisan-targeted abuses of power. The press has been forced, these last few years, to just bide their time, socializing and marrying within the sphere of power, and there has been nothing to report. Except for that blip in the road about James Rosen maybe being charged with espionage for being an investigative journalist (which was an uncomfy bruise that soon disappeared) the press err, Praetorian Guard has had almost nothing to report on, no story that could sustain a news cycle.

Over at the NY Post John Podhoretz analyzes why it is that Chris Christie’s “Bridge-gate” story has managed to hold the press’ attention 17 times longer and more deeply than an election-year, opposition-targeting scandal the IRS actually admitted to, and why almost nothing touching on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ever seems to become a “real” story for them.

Really, it’s as simple as A-B-C, or actually D-EZ; Christie needed a Deezy Pass!

It’s about which politicians are smart enough to sign up for a D-EZPass, and which aren’t. If you are a politician, and you haven’t signed up for a D-Class EZPass, you’re going to get ensnarled in every jam that comes along on your journey. Listen to these testimonials!

There is, by the way an R-Class pass, but… it is sometimes inadvertently creates its own jams, for the very people it’s trying to help though:

And sometimes, pass or no pass, a sudden curve will happen:

Bridge-gates are serious, but meme generators are fun.

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  • Manny

    You got to give Christie credit. He framed it so that he has no wiggle room. If it comes out he was involved or knew about the incident, his career is through. But if it holds up, then his strong reaction actually strengthens him.

  • Steve31

    the old phoney catholic patheos meme that the R’s and D’s are the same…

  • David DeAtkine, Jr., MD

    Sorry, Frank…the Anchoress is correct…there has virtually been NO coverage on Benghazi outside of Fox, with hours devoted to Bridgegate. But it boils down to this: if you are conservative, profess belief in God, or own a gun, you are prey that MUST be savaged in the press. Obama could eat live human babies on TV and MSNBC would ignore it, or justify it.

  • nannon31

    Christie’s people earlier and in unison, serially canceled meetings with democrat Mayor Fuloup of Jersey City ( also mentioned in the emails) after Fuloup supported Christie’s competition for governor; that first salvo means Christie is capable of reaching across the aisle in a retaliatory manner. His people then maybe drew the wrong inference from that…that they could do the Bridge in respect to Fort Lee’s mayor. Blood curling is that they continued the Bridge delay for three days after being apprised by emergency personnel that it was hindering the search for a missing four year old besides the ambulance incidents…3 or 4.
    That is why Bridget Kelly and Wildstein may see prison besides losing career levels unless they get immunity for pointing out someone above them. Christie hopefully is learning that when you teach one level of revenge to your people, that sin tends to grow in the next unwatched incident.