Charismatic: The Pope and the Pentecostals are 45 Minutes of FASCINATING – Updated!

Bishop Tony Palmer, introducing Pope Francis Video

I had just finished watching this video, when Marcel LeJeune sent this post of his my way, calling the it “astounding.”

It’s that and more.

I will tell you this: I watched the whole thing, and was fascinated, and blown away, and — hard as this might be to believe — moved to copious tears.

I have seen some Catholics on Facebook say they forward through the video, only watching the last 15 minutes or so, with Pope Francis. I heartily recommend that you don’t do that — that you, instead, watch it from the beginning and hang in there through the parts that can feel challenging to watch and might seem (to us, as Catholics and as jaded Americans) like “Protestant weirdness”. Hang in and watch it, with a respectfully open mind, as the very least thing one can do for the sake of unity.

To watch only the pope is to be moved, but to ultimately miss the point. To watch the whole thing is to be blown away; Pentecostals, praying for the pope! The tongue-speaking is odd for most of us to witness, for sure. But as I did, I kept thinking, “Is that what the wind sounded like, at Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit approached?”

Marcel writes:

This is what Christian unity looks like. It doesn’t ignore the differences that we have with our non-Catholic brothers and sisters. It isn’t triumphalistic. It isn’t us vs them.

Rather, it is the love of Christ for all people. Jesus prayed for Christian unity and we must all acknowledge that the fact is – division within Christianity is both scandalous and a counter-sign to a God of unity to a world that needs Him.

So, Pope Francis recorded a video for his friend, Tony Palmer (An Anglican Episcopal Communion of the CEEC (Celtic Anglican Tradition) Bishop.) He took the video to show to Kenneth Copeland Ministries and the unthinkable has started to happen – we actually pray for one another and acknowledge one another as true brothers and sisters.

Watch it all. Give yourself 45 minutes after supper, tonight, or before bedtime, and watch this strange, fascinating thing that has happened, and pray for where it might lead.

YouTube Preview Image

This is why, as I wrote earlier today, I don’t particularly want to write about politics anymore. It’s all illusion and distraction. The reality is all in Christ. The world and its princes mean to divert our attention, and to divide. As Palmer notes, Christ Jesus is not in the division.

UPDATE: How interesting! Apparently in June there will be a huge Catholic Charismatic Renewal gathering in Rome, at the Olympic stadium. And yeah, the Pope is going to be there, along with some cardinals and Ralph Martin!

At Aleteia, Brantly Millegan
likes the video and the message but offers a few corrections. I”m going to be adding a few of my own thoughts in a follow-up post.

Kathy Schiffer:
“Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?”
Copeland Ministries: “Historic Change”
Dale M. Coulter: Pope Francis and the Future of Charismatic Christianity
Deacon Greg: “what hath God wrought?”

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  • Sydney Smith

    It’s called Truth.

    The Pope opened his video with the Truth. I am paraphrasing here, just as he paraphrased the Gospel. The foundation of Christianity is to love God and to love each other as brothers. This we all share. They are the two most important commandments:

    “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
    Love God and love each other. This is the Truth.

  • Augustine

    This is exactly the kind of reaction that undermines the faith, sacrificed at the altar of sentimentality, so dear to charismatics in general. They feel so intensely that they quickly learn to follow their navel over the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

  • Augustine

    The beginning of reunion is not this gloating by a small Protestant sect named after its preacher acknowledging the One True Church as a Christian church, but the Anglican Ordinariate. Nothing short of union with the Church under the Vicar of Christ would do it.

  • johnnysc

    I don’t see anywhere in my comments where I said ‘we don’t need them.’ Christ wants all in His Church, the Catholic Church. I’m asking if we are still to evangelize protestants because lately it seems as if ecumenism has become more important than evangelizing. I hear that a lot…..’meet them where they are’ Sounds like meeting someone in the middle. When you meet someone in the middle you are walking towards something but also walking away from something. For a protestant walking towards the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church and leaving behind falsehoods is a good thing. But for a Catholic who is standing where the fullness of Truth resides if we walk away from that in the name of ecumenism…..I don’t see how that is a good thing. I will rephrase the question…..does Billy Graham need to be evangelized into the Catholic Church?

  • johnnysc

    It’s not official Church teaching but I don’t have a problem with someone who takes part in that sort of thing. I do have an opinion though and imo it is too closely related to protestantism for me to be comfortable with. It came out of a protestant denomination and I believe started about the time right after Vatican II when the ‘progressives’ were forming their own ‘spirit’ of Vatican II. Not sure I understand what you are referring to in the ‘dangly earring crowd’. I’m sure the study you have done that is able to measure devoutness and what is or isn’t a ‘normal’ prayer life is very interesting though.

  • john smith

    You’re very rude and presumptuous. Best of luck with your efforts.

  • Manny

    After thinking about this over night, especially after reading Fr. Longenecker’s post on this, I’m begining to get really uncomfortable with our Holy Father. This was an act on a whim. Did he really think this through? Who are these people he sort of indebted the Church to? This isn’t some major denomination? And none of them are going to convert to Catholicism. If anything they’re going to pull Catholics away. I’m left troubled with this. Pope Francis can’t get an interview or statement out that he doesn’t have to clarify or back track on and he lets some protestant film him off the cuff and unprepared? He risks the message of the Catholic Church to an impulsive whim? I don’t know. Like I’ve said before Pope Francis is a nice man, a lovely man, but apparently naive.

  • Briana

    You know, if you’d stop assuming what’s in people’s hearts and minds, you might let go of some of that anger.

  • michicatholic

    Why is it so shocking? Ask yourself carefully. How did you expect Evangelicals to react? And why are you surprised that they reacted the way they did? These are questions that need to be asked and thought about deeply by Catholics.

  • kneeling catholic

    Hello Billy T!
    I only asked a couple of questions and then gave information regarding Pastor Copeland’s anti-Catholic, anti-Trinitarian doctrine…which puts him outside of the Christian fold. I cannot see the beauty here. If the media gets hold of this, Pastor Copeland’s health and wealth gospel could go front and center. They could ask why the Pope thinks that Copeland is good-to-go. There is just a lot of confusion that is being sown. NARAL loves Pope Francis’ style. Homosexual activists love Pope Francis’ style. Now televangelists love Pope Francis’ style. They all love him because they are convinced that his Faith is not exactly the same as that of his 260 predecessors. something’s got to give sometime, somewhere…..

  • Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for helping to spread the word about this historic, eternal moment! I’m sorry that someone has edited the video down to 23 minutes from its original 45. I partly understand why: the 45-minute version was pretty long, but I agree with you: it really demonstrated the vast diversity of Christendom! I would love to find the original version somewhere, with all of Kenneth Copeland and Bishop Palmer’s introduction. If you ever find that again, please let me know.

    My husband and I are Anglo-Catholic (although we don’t really even like to claim any segment of the church, because why give divisions more power than God sees — I don’t think God sees our divisions, but he sees our hearts and our faith in Christ), and God is leading us to work for the unity of the church.

    Thank you for helping to spread this good Word from our beloved Papa!

    Pax Christi.

  • Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Hi, Elizabeth — I wrote a little while ago to express regret that the video has been edited down to 23 minutes. I have been able to find the original 45-minute version here:

  • Augustine

    You should take your own advise and stop assuming that anger is in my heart and mind.

  • Iota

    > Who are these people he sort of indebted the Church to?

    A bunch of immortal souls?

    > And none of them are going to convert to Catholicism.

    Why not?

    We (Catholics) believe, AFAIR, in a God that does miracles: gave Moses the power to cleave a sea, fed multitudes on twelve loaves, and, triumphantly arrived in Jerusalem only to be brutally murdered within a week and then rise from the dead.

    While, again AFAIR, God does not force souls to choose a good or even the best path if they don’t want it, He does guide the (at least slightly) willing. From a human POV conversion can be extremely difficult, but we do believe in a God of miracles, right?

    > but apparently naive.

    Can I ask you something? Currently the Gospel readings for Mass come from the Sermon on the Mount. It might just be my impression, but IMO if anyone tries to follow them, he may be called naive (all that stuff about allowing others to take your cloak and walking two miles, for example). Where do you draw the line between Christian hope and charity and being naive?

  • stoney

    Exactly, there is a high risk of losing Catholics to heresy when we have the pope acting like this. Calling this heretic a “brother bishop” is scandalous.

  • stoney

    Anyone that disagrees with Here Shea is labelled a butthurt reactionary from fortress katholicus. Never mind he does the exact same thing he accuses others of…..seems both he and the pope are good at insulting Catholics.

  • Suellen Ann Brewster

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I have watched this 3 times now and am convinced this is a wonder work of the Holy Spirit. No the theology is not perfect, but there is MORE understanding of the truth (and eyes for the historic propaganda) and that is good. MY QUESTION now is — what happened to the FULL VIDEO (45 minutes)? Everywhere I look today it is down to 22 minutes. I haven’t been able to convince everyone to watch it yet and now it’s gone! ;) Anyone able to find the original length? Actually, I would even like to see more; see what the conference was talking about before…THANK YOU! Praised be Jesus Christ!

  • Manny

    And somehow that Tony Palmer is a fraud. He harbors some of those prejudices against the Catholic Church as he utters at the beginning of the tape and he still sends his children to Catholic school and raising them Catholic? He’s either a fraud to his fellow denomination or a fraud to the Catholics and Pope he interacts with. But somewhere he is living a life of a fraud.