Bishop Murphy Eliminates Annulment Fees

This is really good news. In a letter to the priests of his Rockville Centre diocese -- that would be Long Island, east of Brooklyn and Queens, (population 7.5 million, 1.7 million Catholics) -- Bishop William Murphy writes: My dear brother priests:It pleases me to write you on this Solemn … [Read More...]


Happy 4th: A Nation Pulling Apart and Norman Rockwell

TRUE STORY: This morning I awoke from a dream whereby the Supreme Court had been called into some sort of emergency session, and in order to get to their bench, they had to pass through some lobby I was standing in. One of them -- a rather short, jolly man (capable of using the phrase … [Read More...]

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Of Otherness, Gay Marriage, Rights and Offices

The headlines of the past two weeks have given me a lot to process, and this weekend is a good time to think on things. Since the Obergefell decision, there are fights breaking out all over the internet, between Gays and Straights and Christians and Other Christians, and even between Catholics and … [Read More...]

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Why Proselytizing Doesn’t Work, in One Photo

Once before I wrote that Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and Cardinal Dolan were right, when they said that proselytizing was folly, and that "you're going to hell if you don't straighten up and fly right", was not the best way to greet people.That made a lot of people mad. So mad, that I lost a few … [Read More...]

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The Anchoress: Rude and Hateful Since 1958

Are there people in the world who are just perpetually aggrieved? Who wake up in the morning, and start chanting, "that's rude and hurtful!", like a morning's hymn?That's rude and hurtful Like the first eyebrows insensitively raised at my choice...If my email is any indicator, I think … [Read More...]

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Gay Outreach and the Stumble into Pastoral Love

In this recent post, I wrote that in welcoming homosexual-headed families into our parish, we would have to teach not only the full catechism but also, "the even-greater catechism of transcendent love."Reader Glenda S. wrote asking me what that meant, exactly. I meant that the catechism gives us … [Read More...]

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8 Things Catholics can “Do” to “Fix” Things

I really appreciated this piece by Father Robert Barron, which looks at past challenges of the church, in light of the Obergefell decision legalizing gay marriage.His piece, along with many other headlines and blogposts I'll link to below, got me thinking, and -- as Father Barron would say -- … [Read More...]

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Fr. Robert Barron on Gay Marriage: “We’re still standing…”

I know many are feeling rather knocked about by recent events, most particularly by the Supreme Court's unsurprising decision in favor of gay marriage. Here is Father Robert Barron's take:Just last week, I had the privilege of spending four hours in the Sistine Chapel with my Word on Fire team. … [Read More...]

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Gay Marriage and What We’ve Been Saying

This past week I got to spend some time with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, the Catholic sister who takes in girls who have been brainwashed, made to kill, been held captive, raped and left to raise the resulting children on their own. She teaches them skills, and helps them to become self-sufficient. As … [Read More...]

The Catholic Press Association, Naming Names

Patheos Writers Honored by Catholic Press Association

If it has seemed quiet around here, lately, that's thanks to the Catholic Press Association, whose annual Catholic Media Conference (#CMC15) has lured me (and Deacon Greg and Denise Bossert) to Buffalo for an adventure. Tomorrow we all go home but tonight saw a number of Patheos Catholic bloggers … [Read More...]