Eliz on Currents Francis Politician

“The Pope is Not an American Politician”

That's what I told Konrad Aderer when he interviewed me via Skype for Currents NY Nightly News program, which is part of the extensive programming via the Diocese of Brooklyn.The taping was a little early for me; with only one cup of coffee in me, I had some trouble finding the word … [Read More...]

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MSM to Hillary: Madam, Stand Down! This is Just Business.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about Donald Trump with some friends in a private Facebook page, and I said his staying-power in the face of bizarre Trumpisms gives the Democrats a tremendous opportunity to correct their course:There is ONE thing that Trump does that not everyone has … [Read More...]

Friar's Chapel, St. Vincent Ferrer Church/BestBudBrian/WikimediaCommons

The Horror of PP vs an Invitation to Absolute Beauty & Healing

In just a few hours, you and I -- from wherever we are, on the planet -- have the opportunity to meet each other in the Holy Eucharist, and to together plead before the most Merciful Christ Jesus, for all of those who have been touched by the Culture of Death, throughout the world.This is a … [Read More...]

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary/Henryk Siemiradzki/Public Domain

The Early Loneliness by which a Martha is Formed

My Mother in Law -- bless her, she's a living saint -- is a Martha. She can't sit still; she's happier when she is bustling about, cooking, cleaning, sending food to a neighbor who is feeling unwell, putting out "coffee and a little something."Me? I'm a Mary; I'm happy to be hospitable, but … [Read More...]

The Masque of the Red Death, Aubrey Beardsley/Public Domain

“Masques Off! Masques Off!” Cried America

Honestly, it's beginning to feel like "The Masque of the Red Death", around here.Here is Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, a man who can recognize a Potemkin village, when he sees one:A DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE, MASQUERADING AS A COMEDIAN: Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits.UPDATE: Jon S … [Read More...]

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Barron on “Death of God & Loss of Human Dignity”

[This piece was written before today's release of a third, very graphic video - Admin]by Bishop-elect Robert BarronI am sure by now that many of you have seen the appalling hidden-camera videos of two Planned Parenthood physicians bantering cheerfully with interlocutors posing as … [Read More...]

Radio Astronomy & Space Sciences Center/Jeffrey Beall/Creative Commons

Of Christ, Monasticism and Radio Astronomy

[I stumbled upon this post in my archives, and upon re-reading it, realized that there is more to say, and that -- if my email is any indicator -- reposting this might be helpful for many. Originally from July 13, 2012 - ES]Alright, after a couple of politically-flavored posts, I'm going to … [Read More...]

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The Crescat Needs Your Urgent Prayers – UPDATE

UPDATE: Katrina is home after receiving her stent, and while she is not yet set to blog, she sounds like she is getting back into form, as she declares on Facebook that casseroles are welcome. Thanks be to God. Please pray for her swift recovery!Our talented Crescat, Katrina R. Fernandez, has … [Read More...]

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Conflicted: My Cuba, My People, My Distrust, My Hope

(Many thanks to María Morera Johnson, who has responded to my request to share her thoughts on our re-established ties to Cuba, with this beautifully honest, and wrenching, guest-post.) A Daughter of Cuba Experiences an Emotional Tug-of-War By María Morera Johnson, "Rejoice in hope, be patient in … [Read More...]

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

“My Little Cracker”: a Donald Trump Story

Seriously, I don't pay a lot of attention to Donald Trump. I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, and the stylist asked me what I thought of him, and I said, "I don't, basically." Talk around the salon was all for him, and women were surprised when I said I did not consider him a serious candidate, nor … [Read More...]