More Shattering Examples Of Haredi Immorality

Below is a piece by Israel’s Channel 2 evening broadcast of December 27.  It shows two other stories of Haredi immorality against two different families, both of them non-Haredi religious.  The stories are shocking.

I received some good feedback about the Israeli news clip that I linked to.  Then I saw this and wanted to post it but could not find a translated version. So I have become an iMovie user and captioned this piece.

I tried to put the captions at the bottom, but that doesn’t seem to be an iMovie option for longer caps.  If anyone knows a way around this, please contact me.

More examples of how these thuggish extremist Haredim treat people with different beliefs.  It’s what my grandparents called a “shande”:


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  • C. Laundry

    Unbelievable! They’re a bloody mafia!