Haredim Vandalize Ancient Synagogue. Really.

You might think that one place safe from the vitriolic attacks of Haredi fanatics would be an ancient synagogue.  From Ynet:

In another case of vandalism at one of Israel‘s antiquities sites, the mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue in Hamat Tverya National Park was discovered Tuesday morning to have been badly – and intentionally – damaged.

Workers at Hamat Tverya arrived Tuesday morning to discover that vandals had broken in overnight and cracked and spray-painted the floor of the oldest Byzantine-era synagogue in Israel.

The graffiti indicated that it was an act of revenge by a known group of Haredi zealots.  It is in retaliation for archeological digs that have dug up supposedly Jewish graves.  One said, “One site for every grave.”  Another named the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority as the target.

I may be an atheist, but my connection to Judaism is our cultural heritage, much of which includes religious art and architecture.  The pictures are just heartbreaking.

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