liturgical dancers are bat shit crazy…

… m’kay.


Lutherans, for Elephantschild.

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  • “Claim Your Wholeness?” What in the world does that mean? Geesh. It’s like looking at an ad from “Body & Soul” magazine. The only thing missing from this little trio are rainbow sashes and crystals dangling from their necks.

  • more comment:Why is that liturgical dancers seem to be middle-age? They all look to be over 40 to me. Are there any 20-30 year old liturgical dancers? Just curious.

  • The good thing about the “Claim Your Wholeness” banner is that it distracts from the goofy dancers.I had no idea my ‘wholeness’ was missing.

  • Ta-da! Just Jack!


  • Well, I’ve got to admire the good old college try, but there will be no cigars passed out this evening. Boo-hoo!See, I’m CONSERVATIVE Lutheran – ya know, one of those crazies based out of St. Louis who won’t ordain women and think the Bible’s *actually true.* And even the happiest-clappiest contemporary-chorus-singing Missouri Synod Lutheran church won’t have a banner that says “Claim Your Wholeness” hanging in the Sanctuary! Yeah, I know – to my Catholic friends a Protestant is a Protestant is a Protestant, but us heretics like to make distinctions. 🙂 Thanks for the link. And what in the world are those people in the back-right of the photo doing? Looks like a drug deal going down. And Mary Rose, don’t give them ideas for their next photo shoot, ok?

  • LOL, Elephant.You know what it looks like to me? Either: “Be heeeeeeeeeeealed!” and she’s falling backwards, or “Look! We’re engaged! See the ring?”, or “Oh, hush, it’s just a splinter. I’ll have it out in two seconds” or “I know, right!?! The stigmata, here! Go figure!”

  • What the hell are “liturgical dancers”?I’m frightened.

  • The banner says, “Claim Your Wholeness”.Oh, ElephantsChild, did I stumble into an ELCA Boomer thing?Help me. Hold my hand.

  • elephantschild, you’re right! I love Lutherans, too. My heart goes out to those who are more conservative and have to put up with this type of nonsense. In my eyes, they have a choice. Cirque du Soleil or church. They can’t have both. 😉

  • “Just Jack!” brillant, Terry.

  • Oh my…I’m just to grateful for once these are not misguided Catholics…We are not alone.

  • What the hell are they doing? Are they supposed to be the Holy Trinity? They don’t look very athletic. I wonder if they were dancers before ther were “liturgical dancers”?

  • Ma Beck, you’re very charitable. Good for you for putting the best construction on everything.I thought perhaps they were sniffing the new incense that’s been making the rounds of the church supply houses, “Cannabicense.” It’s made in Indiana. It was popular in the 70’s but seems to be making a comeback, but boy, do the brownies go fast during coffee hour following the service….

  • Liturgical dancing is also a mainstay at St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal church, San Francisco. church also has some of the worst debasements of iconography anywhere. Betsy Porter’s article on iconography has some howling errors in it.

  • Kit

    LOL Terry!!! The guy on the right – all about the “jazz hands.” And behind him…ummm…what are those other three people doing? I don’t want to go there. I really don’t.Saints preserve us…

  • Anonymous

    Liturgical dancing is a form of liturgical abuse. It is a stale leftover "art" of the aging Novus Ordo hippie clergy set. It's egocentric–"Look at me! Look at me!" It might have a place in an auditorium but not in a church. Secularized nuns with short hair and long earrings who do liturgical dance are the worst. Spare us these twisting, snake charmers without snakes!