just another summer afternoon…

… at Casa de Kat.

Sitting on my front porch with a cold ale and my laptop, I looked up to see a family of grazing deer.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • This big city girl is jealous! 😀

  • Rob

    This past winter we had a herd of about 12 that came down to the apple orchard next door to eat in the 3 feet of snow we had. It was fun to stop and watch them. They stayed there for about 2 weeks.Rob (Utah)

  • We don’t have deer by our house but we do have thousands of Canadian honkers. When they fly over in a perfect V about 10 feet over our heads and you can hear the beat of their wings it is just wonderful….

  • guess you’re not worried about them eating your roses or hostas ;).

  • Any minute now Ignorant Redneck or Fr. Erik will pop by and chastize me for missing the oppurtunity to have venison for Sunday dinner.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm….it’s grillin’ time!wanna borrow my mosin, with some hp ammo?(Actually, I was going to say how much I miss wildlife in the yard, after living in an urban area–but then, mmmmmmmmmm, venison!)

  • IR beat me to it.That there’s a whole winter’s supply of venison chops, burgers, ribs, and steaks.Sorry, I won’t lend my .30-06, but you should have one of your own, anyway.