not typically my kind of thing…

… girly indie pop; but I can’t help liking her. She recorded this latest CD from inside her kitchen.

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  • Owen

    Well, I lost interest somewhere before the 2 min mark bit otherwise I’d say she’s all set for leading LifeTeen.PS. Um, what’s with the Ad?

  • The Crescat

    what ad?

  • Owen

    An add for a book popped up on the immediate right hand side of the YTbox with the multi talented singing chick.

  • The Crescat

    oh, that. Thats a link to order her CD and when you do I get amazon credit. :-) see how that works.

  • Owen

    Ah, sorry, no credit from me.

  • Diana

    I enjoyed this and might be getting her CD! (if I do, I promise to do it from your site!)

  • Mary Rose

    Hmmm. I appreciate her exuberance and passion. She has a great voice. I just wish there weren’t so many bells and whistles. :-)Totally loved the ukulele!

  • The Crescat

    check out her singing Oh, Mary.