the longest forty days…

… I am busting at the seams to rant and rave cannonball style about the stimulus money and our new improved nationalized socialized marginalized nation… yay change! But I am respectfully holding it all till the end of Lent and Pascha being true to my commitment to use Blog only for edifying Lenten art.

However, I will say this… I’m with Rush when I say I hope Obama’s plan for our nation fails.

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  • Good exercise. Go CC! 40 days? or 90 (Lent and Pascha)?.

  • You are hereby granted a dispensation by this dittohead. Go to it!

  • Media is claiming such an attitude to be unpatriotic. It is not. Obama’s plan is bound to fail.

  • Was it unpatriotic when they pissed on Bush for 8 straight years? Liberals are such hypocrites.