conduct unbecoming…

… what a strange thing blogs are, they may be many things but one thing they are not in anonymous. Sure, a pseudonym may be used in place of a real name but regular commenters begin to “know” you over the course of time. “Know” you in as much as you are willing to reveal yourself.

So we learn little bits about other bloggers, their families, their lives, and their interest. When some one is in need of prayer or an uplifting “atta girl” your “friends” are happy to comply.

Have we come to rely on these relationships? Perhaps using them as replacements for real interaction in our daily lives? Maybe.

My point, yes I have a point, is that behind every blog sits a real person, they may even have feelings. imagine!

So please, if you find the content on this blog unbecoming of a Catholic forgive me. I understand that I am a shameful role model for good traditional Catholic women every where.

Let’s examine why no upstanding moral Catholic should frequent this blog: I am divorced [harlot!]; I have only one son [I think that’s about half a dozen children shy of what is required for Catholic perfection]; I work out side the home and actually enjoy it [gasp!]; I do not home school [my son is in public school- grounds for excommunication I hear]; this blog is littered with profanities [well, damn]; I don’t hand sew my own clothes, bake my own bread, farm my own vegetables or grow my hair down to my ass; and lastly, I do not demand the be-heading anathema of any one who insults Catholicism [in fact, I don’t post much news anymore at all. Why regurgitate the same stories that appears on hundreds of other Catholic blogs?]…

What a horrible horrible person I am. I have failed you all. I humbly beg your forgiveness, dear readers, if you were unwittingly lured to this site by the beautiful art only to be duped by my malicious intent to lead souls astray.

Please pray for me.

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  • Even though my hair’s down to my ass, I still think you’re awesome 😉 I should prolly admit though that my hair is the only qualification on your list of good Catholicism that I meet, and that’s cuz I was raised by hippies hahaha Fret not, dear.

  • You rock, my dear.

  • Anonymous

    So what if you are shameful, that is what makes your blog funny, clever and refreshing.

  • Rob

    You described me almost to a tee! (Except the harlot part, being male and divorced that is. What is the proper term?). And I wish I could just grow a little hair on my head let alone very long. But I doubt we are much of a minority. Keep up the good work/blogging!

  • I love your honesty! Keep up the good work and always be yourself, that’s why we love ya so much!

  • Aww, just say an Our Father and two Hail Mary’s (woman power), and learn to swear in Latin.

  • Uh-oh. Do I have fresh competition in the Heretic category now?Chin up, lil lady. If I can hold my head up, you can too.Except for being a southerner. That’s inexcusable. 🙂

  • I wish you could hear me applauding!

  • I like your blog BECAUSE you keep it real. Thanks for that.

  • May I have your badass autograph?

  • This comment is intentionally blank.

  • Wait, what was that thing about the Church being a hospital for sinners rather than a club for saints? We all tend to forget that from time to time.

  • This post makes me sad because I think your blog is delightful and I especially enjoy the humor, the candor, and the creativity. Those qualities are so endangered in today’s plastic world and they are also so vulnerable to the effects of criticism. You are right, blogs are not written by anonymous people but real people with feelings.I hope that you will not let anything anyone might say change or deter you from your previous course. We all need to laugh and make fun of ourselves sometimes. We live in a world which gets crazier all the time, where most people need antidepressants to get through their day, and surely that can’t be healthy. I don’t leave comments often enough and I’m often remiss in saying positive things when I could.Unfortunately, a hundred positive comments cannot undo the effects of one negative one, but they help. I’m sorry someone was critical and probably they just don’t understand. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days.Thanks for your blog and thanks for your courage. I really really laughed at the story about your son and his friend on the slide. I’m so glad there are people who can write well enough to present such an amusing image. I think you present an amazing mixture of news, art, beauty, and fun. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of St. Raphael by Giaquinto.Warmest good wishes,Kay

  • I wish my parish were full of folks like you!

  • I guess I have to be nice to you because your a widow (in a post modern sense) 😉

  • Hey we are all human (sinners) no one is perfect as yet. though we all work towards it and at other times we don’t even work hard enough.You keep it real sis.

  • PS – how is the boy reacting to your explanation of transubstantiation? I am curious to hear his reaction.

  • WHAT?! You don’t pretend to be an SSPX drone walking 3 steps behind your neanderthal husband?! GOOD FOR YOU!The wonderful thing about being Catholic is that we can still have personality and indiviudality within Holy Mother Church. Being a cookie-cutter Christian would be a boring thing and who ever grew in their faith, or helped others to grow in theirs, without challenges. You are a REAL woman, CC! Embrace it!

  • You filthy who – oh, I’m sorry, I thought I was at Digit’s. LOL!Who cares – be yourself.

  • Terry, you’re just sore after I nudged you awake this morning and told you to get your sorry ass home . . .

  • For this post alone, you’re going on my blogroll. Even though I didn’t get nominated. 🙂

  • Are you kidding me? Said heathen characteristics are what make your blog so interesting, entertaining, and inspiring. Christ came to call sinners. If we don’t believe that we’re in some Holiness sect, not Holy Mother Church. But then again what do I know – I’m going for a career in academia, unlike my peers who are already married and working on those dozen children. I went to a public college and lived in co-ed dorms. Oh yeah, and I think lace chapel veils are UGLY.

  • expat

    Never open your door to the Religion Police!

  • You post the things we are thinking. I think that means “we” either lie or avoid reality, right? I am being forced to homeschool next year and I have a great fear of becoming Holly Hobbie. I guess I will have to continue coming to your blog to keep my denim jumper quota in check. Oh Lord, help me.

  • Oh, no! You have the same sense of humor as I do! What does that make me? That’s it, I’m going into a monastery.;P

  • I only associate with sinners because I am one. I seem to recall Our Lord had trouble reaching the Pharisees.The real story here is to ask what’s going on between Ter and Digi?

  • “Think how many blameless lives are brightened by the blazing indiscretions of other people” – Pope Paul VIHmmm, my life isn’t anywhere near blameless, but it’s still brightened. 🙂

  • You are way too hard on yourself. We love you just the way you are – a big marshmellow with a hint of razor blade…you echo many of our our concerns, foibles, and loves..Divorce does not a harlot make – that’s takes another activity..only one son – well, I know of another Mother who only had One…working outside the home – so, your smart enough to get and keep a job, and be self sufficient, how’s that a problem?…no home schooling? – you teach your son something everyday: faith, love, independence, (how to sing psalms LOL,) etc.. don’t sew your own clothes, bake bread or grow veggies – so what, your helping the economy – letting people keep their heads means you can change their hearts…so what the %^#@% are you complaining about? Love you girl!(but not in a harloty way.)

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry, I have two sons, have worked outside the home and enjoyed it, don’t wear a chapel veil, didn’t homeschool, make my own clothes (can barely sew a button!), swear from time to time — so we have a lot in common. Whoever said the Church is a hospital for sinners is right on the mark, and also as Flannery O’Connor once said about the Church: “Here comes everybody”, trads. supertrads, progressives — that’s why they call us CATHOLIC! We take ’em all, folks! And thank God for that! As you can tell, I too enjoy your blog.Regards from Canada,Patricia Gonzalez

  • :-)I was going to make a compliment, but it would cramp your style on that front in the future, so just feel the complimented glow without the actual compliment.

  • Dear CCThere are real commandments for us catholics, and the rest is optional. Do not pay too much attention to the optional part.You are in my daily prayers

  • I’m probably one of the most “traditional” of your readers, but I’m sending the link to your blog to a friend who is neither traditional nor Catholic, with the hope she will become the latter. You rock!

  • Fr Longenecker

    You’re great! One of my favorite blogs.

  • I love your sarcasm. In fact, I hold that exquisitely designed and executed sarcasm is high art, and that Buckley was its Picasso.You have a gift, and thank God, and odd was it is..