diet nightmares…

… as if I am not a big enough whack job already; now I am having nightmares related to my diet.

I recently had a nightmare that I went off my diet on an eating rampage devouring everything in site. I ballooned up to 400+ pounds and I had to go to wal-mart to buy a set of California king sheets so I could hand sew my own muu-uus.

Horrifying image supplied by Vincenzo.

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  • Vincenzo
  • Dymphna

    Okay, this must be some kind of omen for me to go on my diet.

  • Cathy_of_Alex

    Vin has dreams like that so he didn’t need to do much modification to the image he already had. LOL!Good luck with the diet.

  • Christine


  • Smiley

    whats a mumu???

  • The Crescat

    a very scary article of clothing.

  • Derik

    just don’t go anorexic. That scares me as much as the mumu.