that’s why blog has a disclaimer…

… I am not the Pope, I only play one on the internet. I did not write the Magisterium, I am only faithful to it. If your tender sensibility’s are offended by my “elitist” attitude toward ecclesiastical and liturgical art, so much so you feel compelled to send an email stating your disgust for my blog… please allow me to clarify my position on your feelings…

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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • HOLY COW!!! Someone actually emailed you defending that c%#& that passes for church art? Did they sign the email? Did you check the IP address to see if it came from a computer at the National Catholic Reporter?BTW… with this blog… you need a bigger gun.John

  • Love it!

  • You know you're doing something right when people are pissed at you. My troll calls me the "c" word and wishes for my early demise so I must be really right…heh

  • Hahaha, that made my day. Our former "musician" at my old parish called me out on my blog. You know, the one that never recognized Jesus present in the tabernacle and took "breaks" somewhere during communion. Great role model for my young brood. Keep up the good fight, dude.

  • TCN

    Cat, you're the bomb. Don't let any a$$hat tell you otherwise.

  • q7swallows+3

    This is framable!I want one.  

  • Anonymous

    Caption contest on this one?I'd suggest:"YOU. WERE. SAYING?"You go, lady!H.

  • I share your distaste for certain modern religious "art". I also share your tendency to be verbally vicious. I don't know what I would do without sarcasm. I'm trying to be more humble but, as you obviously know, that's not for everybody.

  • I love your blog.

  • Nathan

    It's pretty amusing that your emailer thinks you have an "elitist" attitude. Just compare what you'll find on the walls in the homes of Ivy Leaguers on the Upper East Side and what you'll find in mobile homes–which do you think will come closer to the collection of bad church art you've gathered?In Christ,

  • q7swallows+3

    Caption contest? How about: "Bitchy and unstable — It's part of my mystique"

  • oooo a new slogan for blog. Thanks anon. I'm sure that was meant as an underhanded slight but I like it… catchy.

  • Haha.Your elitist attitude keeps me coming back for more.

  • Oh…this is good. Another of the loony left's worst nightmares…this and caped priests in cassocks. 😀