anyone reading this blog is not practicing custody of the eyes…

… every so often circumstance dictates that I must resurrect certain posts. The “circumstance” in this instance being Exhibit A and Exhibit B

So let us take a quiet moment and reflect on these posts from Crescat past:

Rules for Anonymous Commenting and My Conduct is Unbecoming.

I feel I must remind you; there is a disclaimer in my side bar, I am not perfect, and I sin. a lot. It’s been known to happen. And if I took a wild guess I would dare say so do you. We all do. a lot. None of us have attained Sainthood and reside in the Church Triumph. So until we all reach perfection, let us practice Christian charity to each other.

Also, I have readers who are not Catholic, or practicing any religion. How is our infighting and spiritual pride & superiority influencing their opinions of us as Children of God.

With that being said …

What a horrible horrible person I am. I have failed you all. I humbly beg your forgiveness, dear readers, if you were unwittingly lured to this site by the beautiful art only to be duped by my malicious intent to lead souls astray.

Now let us untwist our knickers and move on…

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  • Thom, SFO

    Oh dear, I wouldn't even think about even trying to fit in with that crowd.Just be you.

  • “Sister” Allie

    Amen! I always look forward to reading your blog in my feed reader. Peoplez gotz to learn how to chillax and not let their Rosaries get all knotted up about the small stuff. Direct that energy toward something else … like eliminating gender-inclusive language.You rock, Cat, in the most humble Catholicky way possible! : )

  • Richard Truman Michael

    How about we not be self righteous. Geez. Only God can judge. I find your blog enjoyable and amusing.

  • Kalona

    Adding you to my blog roll. Your blog is great. It makes me happy.

  • Rob

    I would practice custody of my eyes by gouging them out. However, I have discarded that option after realizing the difficulty that would impose on reading your blog. It is a MUST read daily for me. Anonymous:(all of you)… GET A LIFE! Even Jesus laughed. I know this because our faith teaches us that He was True God and True Man. Incarnation means he became HUMAN. Humans laugh. Do you think Jesus could keep a straight face when the apostles were arguing over who got to sit by Him? Peter says, "I will never deny you!" And Jesus didn't grin and shake His head? Our society is facing tough times. For pity sakes, let's have a bit of fun once in awhile. Kat… keep on doing what your doing. The worls needs more "yous" and less "thems". (IMHO)

  • Rob

    PS: You would fit well with Fr. Erik, Tara and I. You're welcome here.

  • defuriosmontanis

    Well, I am a Catholic, and about as far from Sainthood as the arithmetic median of the Church's flock. No problem at all with the small game – not kill, check; not steal, check; honour father and mother, … o.k., check. But the real problems: Do not lie (o.k., bear false witness, or whatever the correct English version may be) … or do not covet your neighbour's stuff … or his woman … or take God's name in vain … oy. Catholic I may be, but I certainly am no "Tabernakelwanze" (tabernacle bug). "Crede firmiter et pecca fortiter", believe strongly and sin equally strongly, that's more like it (or more like I'd like it). At least it gives you something to say during these embarassing pauses in the confessional.Hermann

  • Marie

    Please don't let the sourpusses keep you from posting. Most of us agree with you. God bless.

  • Terry Nelson

    I've been deleted from blogrolls too numerous to count, and lost more followers and supporters than President Obama. My own family refuses to read my blog. I have lost best friends because of what I write.Just be yourself – no one has to talk you into that – God bless!

  • Minkykat

    There seems to be alot of this going around lately; some snarky-ass so and so's who love to make non-judgemental judgements. These are made "in love", of course!Like Terry Nelson, I too have lost friends thru blogging and have torked off relations. Just know that your blog is one of my first stops in the day and keep on keeping on what you do so well!

  • LarryD

    Terry – no matter how low your approval numbers fall, I'll still support you!Mrs LarryD reads my blog and doesn't like any of it. Meh – to each their own.Stay hifreakinlarious, Kat. There are no sourpusses in heaven (at least, not once they get there!)

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Please, you're a sinner?! Direct them over to my blog if they want to see something shocking.

  • Terry Nelson

    Larry – thanks – you may be my only reader soon.Kat – Digit is not kidding.