requisicat in pace, mr. raccoon…

… I hated to do it, kill you and all. But at 75 mph in morning commuter traffic it was either you or me. I am sure you understand. Your memory is eternal; the huge crack in the grill of my car will always make me think of you.

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  • Oh me, oh my, what a sad post to have to write. If your grill had been metal, it would have skinned and diced Mr. Raccoon, and he would have roasted on your radiator, and you could have brought raccoon kebab to where you were going. But no. Sad, sad, sad.

  • bummerrrrr!!

  • Gregory

    Many years ago, I hit a rabbit on Easter Morning…… Never will forget it.

  • My husband would say, "Too bad it wasn't a squirrel."

  • Well, it was clearly a case of him him or you. Te absolvo (is that right? My "latin" is pretty bad…)Anyway… I hear hitting a dear is much worse? I hit a dog with my old '68 Beetle. Pretty much destroyed the front end of my beloved Bug. "Course, ruined the dogs day too.

  • After driving down an old dirt road that was surrounded by corn fields late one night, I found a bat the next morning stretched across the front of my grill and it made it look like the Bat I kept it on there when I went to work to show my co-workers. I guess it's harder to be sympathetic about a bat.

  • 75 mph ?What State did you say you lived in ?Tsk, tsk : but at least you will remember him . . . and it's forgetting one's sins that's the way to repeat them, of course.

  • Up here, dead raccoons by the roadside are one of the first signs of spring.Not sure why that's a springtime phenomenon. Given the chance, they'll shred the contents of my garbage can all over the deck at any time of the year . . .Still, actually hitting one when driving would not be a pleasant experience.

  • You could have tried harder to assuage your guilt….

  • Well, it's better for one racoon to die for the sake of the people…

  • love the link, Heather!

  • TCN

    It is so sad when someone like this succumbs to suicide when counseling is available, even to the indigent…

  • I know how you feel – I hit a gopher once, turned myself in at the police station for hit and run, but they just looked at me like I was nuts. No respect for life these days. None.

  • now if only his soul was immortal……………

  • Dominic Mary, the NC speed limit on the highway is 65 mph. Going 75 is pretty conservative around here. The traffic only moves that slow when it is heavy. Believe me, when it is not rush hour most drive 80-85 mph around here.

  • Ah ! Things in NC are obviously more relaxed than they used to be when I lived in CA . . . 🙂