a grace before meals…

… so Papa John’s has a new item on their menu, Double Bacon Six Cheese Pizza. It comes in only two sizes, large and instant death. My God…

St. Angio Plasticus, save us from clogged arteries. Protects us from the fires of heart burn and lead us not into myocardial infarction. Amen.

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  • ROFL!OK, that's it..if I do finally enter religious life (may God will it by paying by ridiculous debt and other issues) I want to be Sr. Angio Plasticus! If I was a cartoonist, I would create a character out of that nameIn the meantime, I'm going to order that pizza…

  • hmm…I don't think it's worth the calories

  • St. Angio Plasticus–BWHAHAHAHA!!

  • Dear Crescat, I really don't think you know just how funny you can be. Thanks for a great big smile as we all start our day. God Bless,Deacon Jerry

  • Now I know why we have the Nativity Fast.

  • I wonder … was this the fate of the pork nativity?

  • doughboy

    now i know what i'm getting this weekend.

  • Oh man, I don't need to read things like this, hehe… my vegetable-loving aunt would be horrified (as I *should* be… but bacon and cheese just taste so gooood)!

  • From the Dynamic Equivalence New Testament-"If today you eat this pizza, harden not your hearts…";>) P&B;.