you know, I am far too nice…

… you can insult me till you’re blue in the face and I won’t delete it. I don’t care for comment moderation. You’re adults. And the only reason I don’t accept anonymous comments is because I like to inconvenience people and make them register. Not because I really care. I just thinks it’s funny, in my own weird way.

You see, everyone has their quirks.

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  • LOL! I saw that. But I'm nice.

  • What did I miss? Is there some sort of love-hate relationship with Fr. Z that I'm unaware of? 😀

  • No. Just commenting that everyone has their own blog style and channeling my inner Terry while doing so

  • doughboy

    no soup for you! lol that was classic.

  • I prefer to moderate comments so I can prevent perverts from leaving filth behind. It happened once and that was more than enough. Forcing people to register, however, is just too weird and controlling. Ah, well, to each his own.

  • Ivy

    That kind of obnoxious control, not necessarily prudence, will only yield maybe five commenters- with multiple nics, not including the blogmaster's multiple nics….

  • I try to make commenting easy- but safe if my kids happen to see my page if I leave it open…so no bad words!