… on my return trip to Italy, I am adding Assisi to the agenda.

*new feature, Wanderlust Wednesday.

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  • Very beautiful…*sigh* I want to go too…

  • If your there in late spring and visit after a rain parts of the surrounding countryside look like the shire

  • Mitch, that is precisely when I am going. I look forward to it. I've always wanted my own hobbit home.

  • You'll never regret it. It's amazing to me that there's no place else quite like it on earth, that I've ever visited.

  • Phooey. Theme park Catholicism. Go to Cortona. They've got St. Margaret there incorrupt and fewer tourists.

  • Rob

    Assisi was my favorite stop on our trip in 97. Four basilicas, St Francis, St Clare, the San Damiano Cross, the Portiuncula inside Santa Maria de los Angeles. Wow!

  • Sid Cundiff

    The photo looks as if it were taken from my hotel window. The Basilica of St. Francis is the Sistine Chapel of Italian Medieval Art. I found the work of Simone Martini even more engrossing than that of Giotto. When I was there in 2006, the restoration work, needed after an earthquake, was still progressing. I suspect it still is.The other churches are more for devotional rather than aesthetic value.Yes the town is most of the year full of tourists and pilgrims. When I was there, it was Feb., and the numbers were very manageable. Just don't expect to find a good meal there.

  • Beautiful and evocative! Reminds me of somewhere in Northern Ireland from one of my Saturday evening childhood memories.

  • J2

    I'll be there for 5 days in early November…can't wait! One of our diocesan priest has been traveling there for at least 20 years..he will be leading our pilgrimage…

  • Don't forget the church to St Claire which is just up the hill. Both these two places are lovely and so holy.