I will survive…

… yeah. yeah.

I survived the Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011. Our office building shook for a minute and then swayed for another minute. It was a bit like being on a boat. The “Great Quake” appears to originated around the DC area. Jokes in 3…2…1…

Hm, let’s see. Some one dropped the Obamacare bill. Headlines read; B.O. claims quake is Bush’s fault. And this photo…

The Obama administration begins post quake clean up

Got anything you wish to add? Let’s hear it.

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  • I was on the porch, removing my big, ridiculously ugly barn boots, when I lost my balance. There was a huge grumbling noise. There was no damage, but we no longer have phone service.

  • Anonymous

    Like I texted you, it was a bit of a freaky experience. Since there is a lot of construction going on, when it started we thought it was just some construction related thing, then the noise got louder and louder and the shaking got harder and harder. I'm sure it wasn't very long; but, at the time, it feels like it's going on for a long time.

  • Mr. Obama stomped because he missed a putt.

  • Out here in CA we call a 5.8 a reason for a "007 Martini", shaken, not stirred…

  • A mere 50 miles from the epicenter we are assessing the damage now. So far there appears to be a half a day of work lost due to "dude did you feel that?" questions.I here there is a Tsunami warning for Lake Anna – and predictions of a 50mm wave from this event. If the water damage is bad they may not be able to contain the radiation and the nearby regions will have to evacuate.

  • Anon, I thought it was construction @ first too. We went outside and it was freaky quiet. All the birds had stopped making noise and it was eerily still.

  • I didn't even notice it. Between being a native Californian and being exposed to regular artillery practice from a military base for a year, I guess I've become immune to window-rattling phenomena.Not looking forward to the upcoming hurricane, though.

  • I get really excited by earthquakes.

  • No Kat,I just wasn't on the continent to balance it out. Ah well im back now.