Rosaries for sale…

… when I can, I prefer to purchase goods from Catholic merchants. I am always more than happy to suggest a merchant’s wares here. I don’t get paid for advertising and I don’t get a percentage of their sales. If you are a merchant and would appreciate a little free exposure, drop me a line. I am going to be compiling a list of links on my sidebar for Catholic merchants.

This particular rosary maker did not ask me, but she’s The Ironic Catholic‘s sister-in-law and her rosaries are very pretty, so why not.

Roses For Mary

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  • Old Bob

    That rosary is just lovely! I know a guy who makes rosaries by hand; sometime I'll ask him if he's interested. Thanks much!

  • Melanie

    I love these rosaries, so special. Thank you for supporting Catholic merchants!

  • The Ironic Catholic

    Hey thanks! Becky will be thrilled.

  • Denita

    I've never seen a rosary like this one. I'll have to check them out.

  • Anonymous

    Wow those are beautiful. Very nice work. I love roses and just had a baby girl whom I gave the middle name of Rose also. I am gonna get one of these for her. Thank you for sharing this. :-)

  • Braut des Lammes

    A really very nice rosary, thank you. I've never seen anything like that (roses instead of beads), too.