a solution for OWS protesters…

… “Would you like to join a worldwide movement that lives a life that publicly subverts the establishment and endorses freedom from corruption, greed, violence and negativity of all sorts?

Would you like to grow a beard, wear sandals, put on cool, but trashy clothes and ‘relate’ to the poor?”

Fr. Longenecker has the perfect solution for your angst.

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

So as not to be considered sexist, I offer the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.

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  • Dr. Eric

    That would mean that the OWS protesters would have to give up fornicating. So, I don’t see them joining organizations that would make them learn poverty, chastity, and obedience so they could do holy work. (That is without Divine intervention. With God all things are possible.)

  • Such a sarcastic tone; and an attitude that does not take into account the fact that many clergy and religious are already participating in OWS.

    • The tone is not mine but Fr. Longenecker’s …. hence the quotations mark. Perhaps reading comprehension is in order before committing to a comment.

    • That’s a real shame. At least I hope they aren’t the ones committing rape, stealing property, defecating on police cars, masturbating in public, etc.

  • @Dr. Dr Eric, How condescending, I want you to know that I am An OWS protester and I DO NOT fornicate. Thank you very much. Right now we are in a battle to give you this very right to be what your statement says you are!!!

    • Just to be clear, the OWS protesters can not give me any right that hasn’t already been bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father as documented in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America. That said, I’m confused as to what right you are actually talking about. Dr. Eric doesn’t mention anything about being something. Can you be more clear and specific?

  • When you put it that way, Kat, it actually sounds attractive! Where is the Hifreakinhilarious button! This post definitely needs one.

  • daisy

    The OWS movement is heavily antisemitic, filthy, and so far there have been a number of rapes. I hope there’s no clergy there and if they are I hope somebody reports them to their superior.

    • I find it highly humorous that they are complaining about professional protesters mooching the fancy vegan food and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. One had his $5,500 mac stolen. I find the whole lot of those OWS people simply too vapid to see the irony dripping off the end’s of their noses.

  • Ad Orientem

    OK, I am going to dissent on this one. It seems to me that Roman Catholic Church already has enough problems and does not need a fresh wave of ultra-left wing moonbats in its religious-clerical ranks. You all have spent most of the last couple of decades slowly weeding the 60’s era lefties out. Why undo all the hard work by inviting them in to sabotage your church? Send them to the Episcopalians. They will be right at home.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Talk about quotation marks…try spelling my name correctly

  • Wolskerj

    For heaven sake, people, Fr. L (and our host) are being facetious. No one is seriously suggesting these people are promising candidates for religious life. Pretending to take their rhetoric seriously is humorous, right?

  • Deacon Rick

    this is over the top good!

  • I think this is brilliant.

    But, as Ad Orientem says, we might be encouraging a whole lotta people who would want to push the Change button inside the church.

    I want all our youth group kids who made a holy hour for the intention of Pro-life down at the Parrish to consider coming into a great Religious order.

    God Bless you Kat.