busy little beaver…

… those who followed me at my previous blog are aware I don’t post a lot over the weekends or holidays. Everyone should get a weekend off. I use the time away from the blog and writing to de-stress, spend with my family, and do fun stuff like at-home beauty remedies in between jello shots.

So forgive me if you find this blog not updated daily. I have so many professional hats to wear, consequently only one brain to fill them, and I get a bit overwhelmed. How is it others can updated their blogs every hour on the hour? When do they sleep? Eat? Make it to happy hour or mass… I refer to both as Happy Hour, by the way. What!? There’s wine at both.

I am currently working on 3 book reviews and have several posts ready to write; their topics include OWS, liberalism as a mental disorder, and a guest post from my son, known simply as The Boy.

Now if you will excuse me, it’s Friday night and the I’m needed at the church social…

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