coping with Monday…

… Telemarketers often call our company and I don’t mind it so much because then I can practice my televangelist routine and tell them all about Je-sus.

Eh. Sometimes you have to get creative to break up the monotony.

With a name like 'Oral' the career options were limited.


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  • Dr. Eric

    I am definitely going to start this practice tomorrow, I know they’ll be calling the office.

  • We often get recruitment calls at my company: “Would you like staff?” etc etc. It’s most efficient to reply: “The red god Xupubahlal is appeased at present with the sacrifice of the last three. May we call you at the next lunar cycle?”

  • Gregg the Obscure

    When we get calls from the Lupus Society I tell them we don’t want any Lupus today. They don’t know how to react, so I get a chance to say goodbye.

  • I actually have a couple of friends who do this in their day to day. At the dmv, at the supermarket…

    I think it’s kinda nice.

    (I was in the habit of telling telemarketers ‘Have a very blessed day” as I hung up. I might just start doing that again.)