are you a crafty Catholic mom…

… I’m not. I have no patience for arts and crafts, but if it’s your thing I seriously suggest you follow Lacy’s Catholic Icing blog.

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  • Ann

    That blog is the worst. It’s like Catholic Regretsy. Stigmata Sandwiches? Really?

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I just don’t have time for all that shit, but if you do I think it’s a great resource. Maybe that’s why I find it endlessly fascinating… it’s Catholic Kitsch at it’s finest. Regretsy… now that’s funny.

  • Gayle

    Ann, it might seem like kitsch or regretsy but kids learn by doing and creating so their ideas help children grasp the concepts. Of course, a lot of the activities and crafts don’t appeal to adults-we should be a little bit beyond that!