blond baby Jesus …

… Most people aren’t aware of this, but I have it on the highest authority that 2,000 years ago the little village of Bethlehem was originally located on a fjord in Scandinavia.

Blond Baby Jesus is proof.

För idag i Davids stad har en Frälsare blivit född för dig som är Messias och Herre.

There’s been a great ongoing debate by the most serious minded of scholars, by which I mean my facebook theologian friends and the like, about the nature of Blond Haired Jesus. Before you dismiss Nordic Jesus entirely consider this, perhaps his hair darkened with age. Personally, I like to think the white cherub faced, blond-blue-eyed non-Jewish looking Baby Jesus hints to His glorious Transfiguration where He became glowing white. Here it is important to note that scripture clearly states Jesus glowed; to suggest He sparkled is a Cardinal sin. Only vampires sparkle.


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  • Kim Vandapool

    Hmmm. This is reminding me of the Mormon idea that the dark skinned Indians would turn “white and delightsome” once they embraced Mormonism.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      just to be clear, this all very tongue and cheek.

      • Oh, I know:) It’s just always fascinated me – this particular tendency for certain artists/cultures/religions to associate righteousness with “whiteness.” It’s weird.

        • Katrina Fernandez

          No, I think it’s weird too. Very much so.

      • Aj4coco

        I think you mean “tongue in cheek”.

  • most likely Jesus was dark with brown hair and eyes- but I have nativity sets (I collect them)- with the Holy Family as Africans, Inuit, Japanese, etc- I might have a blond Jesus somewhere

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I’ve seen the African ones but not Japanese or Inuit. I bet those are interesting looking.

  • Terry Nelson

    One reason Christ was depicted light haired is because fair hair and complextion was considered the epitome of beauty – I believe native cultures – especially in Mexico and Central and South America expected a white god – one even with fair hair and blue eyes. Note how most Italian painters have most always depicted Christ as such – esp. Fra Angelico who painted most of his heavenly beings with blond or ginger hair. It’s more about a spiritual reality/notion than ethnic. That said – there are fair haired Jews with blue eyes.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      way to ruin all my fun, Terry.

      • tj.nelson

        Oh damnit. I didn’t mean to do that! I don’t know what I’m talking about and I make up everything.

        • Katrina Fernandez

          Well, King David was a ginger, so you’re probably on to something.

          • Dr. Eric

            So was Esau and possibly the Patriarch Joseph.

    • Lydiamcgrew

      My impression historically is there weren’t nearly as many fair-haired, blue-eyed Jews in the time of Christ, because the intermarrying with Germanic people’s hadn’t occurred to nearly the extent it did later. Possibly via the Greek diaspora there might have been some blond Hellenized Jews, but Mary (who would presumably have had the most direct genetic influence on Jesus) doesn’t appear to have been from anything like a Hellenized family.

      • Lydiamcgrew

        Yikes! Can’t believe I wrote “people’s.” I’ll never live it down. And, yes, I know I’m probably taking the question way too seriously, but hey, you said to pontificate. 🙂

  • Christy Hampton

    Actually, I think it has less to do with “we think blonds are holy” and more to do with putting Jesus in our own cultural context…just like the Vietnamese, Africans, Mexicans, etc etc.

    Just for whatever reason everyone else is allowed to make ethic Holy Families, yet the Nordic races are stoopid if they do.

  • Robwardle

    According to some nativity sets, Jesus is a baby kitty.

    • should I resurrect the tacky nativity scene thread?

      • Robwardle

        Absolutely! Tis the season.

  • In my culture, we just make everyone talk like us. We have a Cajun Night Before Christmas, but as of yet, no Cajun Nativity Story…

    If the baby Jesus were to look like us, he would just have light brown hair and green eyes, so nothing fun there!

    • Cathy J

      Wait–I have light brown hair and green eyes! Does this mean I’m Cajun? Does that beat being Polish?

  • robertgwirth

    When I was a baby I had the most gorgeous blond curls; I looked like a little cherub and was the sweetest most darling baby ever. My hair did darken with age (and now it has lightened again but that’s not the point).
    The inscription on the picture says (roughly) “For today in David’s city there is born Christ the Lord.”

  • Oldguest


  • Dan

    My brother had blond curly hair when he was born and for about a year and then it became straight and turned brown.

  • daisy

    Every culture sees Jesus the way they see humanity. If you go to a Vietnamese parish He’s Vietnamese. He looks like a warrior in the church at the Sioux reservation. In Sweden, he looks like Max Von Sydow. If you go to St. Teresa of Avila in DC, He looks like a cross between Malcom X and a Black Panther. It’s all good.

  • Babs

    As a kid it used to tick me off Jesus wasn’t ethnically depicted. But I wanted to know what he actually looked like, and I guess I expected artists to be devinely inspired to “see” the actual Jesus. I also complained bitterly about blue-eyed Mary. I was a brat.