Mumford & Sons newest song…

… I am endlessly smitten with Mumford & Sons. Their lyrics are drawn from literary influences like Shakespeare, Steinbeck, and the Bible. A common theme in their music is grace and redemption but they are not considered Christian Rock musicians though many associate them as such. Regardless, you won’t hear them played on any Christian Radio station… mostly because Christian Radio plainly sucks.

No auto-tune hear, folks. Just intelligent song writing and real instrumental talent. So sit back and enjoy them performing their latest song, Ghosts That We Knew… a little apropos for November, the month of Souls, don’t you think?

I told you, I can take anything and give it a Catholic slant.

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  • Marco

    Thanks for posting this great song. I totally agree that Christian Radio stinks. Just because one sings about Jesus doesn’t automatically mean that he/she is talented. Art has to be meaningful and well done regardless of one’s religious convictions. Thanks for articulating that point of view.

  • Calah Alexander

    Oh oh oh! Thank you! I hadn’t realized they had a new song out. I love them. It’s bordering on unhealthy. Also, you forgot to mention the Chestertonian influence. Many of their songs have references to GK.

  • Rfrendz

    I’m so glad to see that my dear daughter has great taste in music. The song moved my heart. That, I think is the true test of a song’s worth.

  • Cherie

    I like Mumford and Sons too. The Cave is my favorite song. I will check out their new songs. I also love the Decemberist. When I first listened to Dear Avery I was sure it was about the story of the Prodigal Son.