stupid things I let my friends talk me into…

… or, when innocent wine tastings go horribly wrong. Yes, I signed up to participate in this event.

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  • Dr. Eric
  • Ink

    One of my friends did it. She loved it. (She’s also seventeen.)

  • Kathryn Luckenbill Schneider

    My husband did one here this past spring. I was home with three kids, (one a few weeks old), so I don’t know who got the worse deal. He had a great time, but came home really muddy after three showers, so don’t wear your favorite running gear!

  • Wayne Wang

    It’ll be good for your camino. and I can’t wait to see the results! I kinda want to it myself

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I hope there are no fire pits I have to traverse along the Way. :-O

  • Stephanie A. Richer

    I am so there. With my camera.

    • The Crescat

      I wouldn’t expect otherwise.