… I am feeling particularly thankful this evening for the following;

The sacrament of Reconciliation, my son, the great relationship I have with my family, and I baked cookies and didn’t burn them.

What are you thankful for this evening?

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  • The Ranter

    Thankful for having a priest for Mass, a great homily, a beautiful church, and a great cantor.

  • Gail finke

    That I didn’t burn the house down when I caught the microwave on fire.

  • Kathryn Luckenbill Schneider

    Thankful for my sweet kids, who are learning the ways of football. It makes a mother proud to hear “they should just stand there and keep the other guys from going past”. Ah, to a five year old it is that simple, isn’t it?

    Good job on the cookies – I’ve been meaning to bake some for over a week now, but we’ve had one kid with a cold after another.

    I’ve been keeping you in my prayers, trying to remember you and those suffering from loneliness when I would love just 2 minutes peace to go to the bathroom alone. Keep up the good work with your son – he is what I want my boys to be in another 5 years!

  • Paul

    Gold-leafing done on icon.

  • Kathy Brents

    I am thankful that my youngest son drove two hours to come and see his mom today on his 20th birthday. Happy Birthday Troy Vincent!

  • Rfrendz

    I am thankful that God knew how much I wanted to see my daughter and grandson, and arranged it so they could come over for a visit last night. We had a blast.