Fillion Friday brought to you one day early…

… To celebrate his winning Best Actor in a TV Drama at last night’s People’s Choice Awards I give you Fillion Friday a day early. I love my Captain.

“This is nice,” Fillion said on accepting the accolade. “It’s daunting even to be considered amongst these nominees. Gentlemen, you are all fantastic. I want to especially thank the crew, and the many women who literally build the show from the ground up. Also, I want to thank my beautiful wife, Katrina Fernandez – I love you honey – who insists I wear my Brown Coat to bed every night.”

Ok, so I made that last part up.

Or did I?

Photo credit.

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  • Timothy Canny

    Castle is a Drama?

  • Anonymous

    Kat, does Castle and Beckett’s ridiculously over-acted sexual tension ever make you uncomfortable?

    • What?! There are other actors in Castle, beside Nathan Fillion? I never noticed. 

  • Um, I’m a little confused Katrina.  Your “husband” Nathan is a Frog/Canadian.  He could never be president of the USA.  And according to his Twitter account he is currently living in Los Angeles.  That’s right!  He lives in CALIFORNIA!!!  Who else do you know among your Face Book friends that might live in California?  Might it be ME?  Yep, I’m one of them.

  • Cliff Whitty

    Tell your priest he should wear an amice! Im surprised at you Kat!

  • ms anthrope

    What does one get for the bride who has everything?  I love my captain too!  

    Great photoshop.