I love Jesus but hate religion, I’m spiritual but not religious…

… I’m a tomato but not a beefsteak. Blah.blah.blah. By now I am sure many of you have seen that video making the rounds on Google+, Facebook and anywhere else online where the easily swayed can be charmed by stylized cliches and the internet meet.

If you’ve seen the video posted on a friend’s Facebook page instead of getting into a long discourse about everything that is theologically and fundamentally wrong wrong wrong about this video, you can just link to the Bad Catholic’s shakedown of this shallow bit of inanity. Marc has done all the work for you.

Because vapid cliched inanity disguised as original and intelligent thought makes Baby Jesus Cry and my ears bleed.

I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you over your own hubris.
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  • OT: I like your latest series of header images.

    • Thank you. I like the idea of changing up the banner to fit feast days and liturgical season and pretty nuns and funny quotes. The Church is an endless source of inspiration. 

  • Anonymous

    My brother posted something on fb about the whole “spiritual, but not religious” thing being the hipster version of moral relativism. The comment section was on FIRE. Nothing like calling people out!

  • Tim

    I have a similar gripe: I love the Crescat but hate the internet.

    I’d make a youtube video about it, but you can see my dilemma.