it’s got a funky beat and the kids can dance to it…

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  • Stephanie

    Oh my,  I remember singing this at my childhood parish! 

  • robertgwirth

    This brings back very bad memories of my years at the Newman Center at the U. of Minn. campus in the “swinging sixties.”  As I have mentioned in other places, when I remonstrated in 1964 about the fitness of certain music for Mass, I was told, “This is the way it’s going to be around here.  If you don’t like it, you can get the hell out.”

  • Jeanne Jorgensen

    Please…….make it stop!

  • Inara Howard

    I came into the Church 13 years ago in a parish where this Sanctus was standard…didn’t like it, but figured “well, I guess this is what Catholics do.”  It took me 11 years to figure out otherwise…and, yes, I’m still bitter.  

  • Anonymous

    yeahhh wctube