remember those 399,000 ninjas that marched under a giant invisibility cloak…

… Well, it looks like CBS Washington found a pair of Spectraspecs. It didn’t take a pair of very observant eyes to notice that when CBS Washington originally reported about the March For Life they failed to capture a photo of a single solitary pro-life advocate. It was astonishing really. I guess, after receiving reader feedback, the editor was prompted to take another look at that film, and oops… there they are.

They have now revised their coverage to include some photos of the pro-life supporters. I heard they had to look really really hard too. Let’s hope nothing was strained.

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  • At least they got a good shot of the massive throng in before they switched to the couple handfuls of pink and blue signs. Look who showed up … and who didn’t.

  • Um… it’s Thursday. Too little, too late, CBS. Next time try pulling the camera OUT of your colorectal area.

  • Leo McDowell

    I notice that the photos are from Getty Images and that the pro-life photos are a different photographer.