the true face of abortion…

Photo credit: Stephanie Richer Photography

I met this woman at the Brookland-CUA station on the day of the March. She was there with six other pro-abortion demonstrators waiting to greet the crowds leaving morning mass at the Basilica. Stephanie stopped to snap some photos and asked who in the group had ever had an abortion. This lady was the only one who had; however, the other demonstrators with her claimed to have known someone in their lives who had abortions. I don’t doubt it. One even said her mother had an abortion. The irony was lost on her.

But this women exuded deeply disturbing manic behavior. Her mannerism were wild and her demeanor overly exaggerated. She was faking enthusiasm for her convictions. It was plain to see. Her smile was forced as she spoke to us but Stephanie managed to get this one image of her, which I believe is her true facade.

This is the real face of abortion.

Pray for her.

Updated: Stephanie writes about the importance of 40 days, a time of testing.

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  • Faith

    I saw her too.  Poor thing.  

  • Tanya

    even though it was 26 yrs ago, it’s interesting she remembers it being “40 days gestation”. Too sad.

    • Good point, Tanya.  Why did that stick with her?  And also . . . 40 days?  I am not advocating any sort of new age numerology, but the number 40 in the Bible is associated with a time of testing.  40 years wandeing, 40 days in the desert.  Coincidence?

  • My best friend in HS had TWO!!! She then became suicidal in college, horribly anorexic and had to be institutionalized. But if you ask her today she will give you all the pathetic reasons in the world why it was still a good idea.  Says she’d do it again though she’s married.  Had we met as adults we’d not have one single thing in common and would not even attempt a friendship.  Just because we have a legal right to do something, doesn’t make it right. And they do suffer even if they refuse to believe it.  Very sad.

    • Tanya

      Well said. I don’t think it’s coincidence at all and absolutely believe in the significance of the number of days from a Christian perspective. Very chilling, indeed. 

  • Elli

    First impression:  one of the saddest faces I have ever seen.

  • Pearty

    I’m trying to work out how she got pregnant…