clever boy…

… A friend asked my son if he was going to see the Star Wars movie in 3-D and he looked thoughtful for a moment then plainly replied, “I don’t think Jar Jar Binks in 3-D would be too entertaining. No. I’ll pass.”

So we went to see Journey 2 the Mysterious Island instead because George Lucas sold his soul and Jules Verne commands more respect in our household.

This was my childhood; full of science fiction-y whimsy. Note the joy on the child’s face is in direct correlation with the absence of Jar Jar.

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  • kenneth

    The creation of Jar Jar was a sad diminishing of an otherwise great man. It was one of those sad growing-up moments, like the day you realized your sports idol was a steroid cheat, or the day you, and your old man, both knew you were big enough to take him in a fight, or the day you read the tell-all biography that reveals the sweet host of your favorite boyhood TV show was really an alcoholic bully who kicked puppy dogs off-camera during commercial breaks.  Part of you always knew your hero had the same mortal failings as all of us, but it’s still sad to see it laid plain before you….

  • Anonymous

    Our 3 yo son watched episode 1 for the first time. We beamed when he covered his ears every time Jar Jar was on screen. I still feel a swell of pride just thinking about it!

  • Tim

    If you squint just so while staring at that picture, you can hear Jar Jar shout “we’sah free!”

  • M Richer

    In later episodes Jar-Jar became a politician, I think he moved to the White House…

    • doughboy

      roflol @m richer

  • Rfrendz

    Jules Verne has cooler looking gadgets I’m sure. Steampunk gets it’s origins from the conceptual blend of Science and Victorian stylings.

  • Sherry

    The creation of Jar Jar is the equivalent of DaVinci creating a LOL catz picture.