forgive my frivolity…

… It feels so wrong to be attending a Downton Abbey party this weekend while there is so much political unrest to be blogging about instead. I’ll be watching a marathon airing of the entire Season 2 and it’s finale while making off color jokes about poor Mr. Pamuk, meanwhile the world goes to Hell in a hand basket around me. Well, one must put on a brave face during war time. Being defeatists is so middle class, you know.

I’m going to be terrific mess come Monday. Let us cry together till Season 3.

At least I will have my amusements to keep me entertained.

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  • amlovesmusic

    I have so much love for this post!!! A Downton Abbey party sounds AMAZING!! That show is my top favorite right now. Everyone needs a break from political unrest on occasion. :) And LOL….I love the paper doll!!

  • Anonymous

    One of the very few programs on TV worth watching.  I haven’t seen any of season 2 yet.  I will wait and buy the video set.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      then don’t follow the related link – spoilers.  

  • Gayle

    What??!!!!?? This week is the end of Season 2? We had already decided to give up TV for Lent except for Downton Abbey. I guess God is trying to tell us something.

  • Gayle

    P.s. Which character do you most closely relate to?

  • tj.nelson

    This is the best thing to hit TV since Brideshead in the ’80′s.  I love this show and all of the characters.  I’m stalwart Matthew of course.  Yes I am.  Shu’ up.

  • Janice Palko

    Going to try to keep a stiff upper lip, but will truly be sad when this season ends.    Maggie Smith is my favorite; she gets the best lines.

  • Christie @ Garden of Holiness

    I am totally with you. I can’t hang onto the angst without a break now and then. Right now I’m drooling over cars and making gumbo. Go party!