funny contradictions …

… Interesting how this is considered wicked idolatry,

but no one raises an eyebrow at this.

Super Bowl side note; at least Madonna kept all her clothes on. And some dude marries a piece of baconwhy not, I guess.

Yes, I’m still in a cranky mood.

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  • Dr. Eric

    I thought the exact same thing when the old guy was processing between the Giants players and they were rubbing and kissing the “idol.”

    • Anonymous

      I don’t watch football, but I did see the last half-hour of the Super Bowl and that moment. Mom and I, watching it was her idea, were both thinking that about it being like idol worship. I think I even mentioned I’d heard of sociologists who studied American-football as a quasi-religion and maybe that seemed plausible to me at that moment.

      • I tend to think the opposite.  There are so many people who I run across on blogposts who are anti-Catholic; you know, the whole “The Catholic Church is the ‘whore of Babylon’, not Christian, idol-worshippers” thing.  It’s amazing that in this day and age, there are still Christians (much less non-Christians) who actually believe that drivel.  I spend more of my online comment time refuting anti-Catholic rants than anything else.

        • Anonymous

          Well I see a fair amount of that online, but online people will express things they would not in real life. At least I’m that way. In life I mostly avoid any political or religious arguments.

          I do still see or hear a fair amount, in life, of people who think we

          Worship Mary as a Goddess or see her as fully equal to Jesus.
          Are not Christian because, “Catholics don’t believe in the Bible.”
          Are not Christian because, “Catholics don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.”
          Believe saints having magical powers separate from God.

  • whimsy

    Because one is free and one is earned.

  • Gayle

    I think we will soon see full blown Catholic persecution in this country/world. C’mon Remnant, Church Militant, faithful Catholics (whatever you want to call us) let’s get energized with the Holy Spirit for prayer, fasting and suffering for our Faith.

  • What a sad commentary on the state of the world.  We must live in it, but not be of it.