taking back my saints one holiday at a time…

… Tomorrow my son will be forced to endure another classroom party and be the unwilling witness to the character assassination of good St. Valentine. When I think of what the hippies did to poor St. Francis I get angry, Jesus style.

He has to bring in 18 of those little Valentine cards to share with his class and pass out to the other kids while us parents have to bring in cupcakes and pink food. I’m sure my sweet suffering child will have to make construction paper hearts and some other crap. I don’t envy him one bit.

It’s a good thing I know what boys like. Boys like martyrs. They really do. To save the day I printed out wallet size images of St. Valentine with the inscription, “St. Valentine, martyr of the Church, pray for us”. Along with each little card I included a short biography and snippet from the Golden Legend.

What young man doesn’t love a story about a virtuous rebel and valiant servant of God. And honestly, speaking as a woman, I think our story of the real saint is far more romantic and noble.

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  • Camille

    Nice.  The Christian (as in Protestant) Classical homeschool group I belong to didn’t have an official party, but when I got wind that some people were bringing stuff in I took it as an opportunity to pass out St. Valentine coloring pages (http://www.illuminatedink.com/contest_pages/coloring.html) for the little tykes.  Good to remind them that they are celebrating a Catholic Saint when they buy that chocolate and tacky red decor.  😉

  • Anonymous

    This is our first year at the catholic school my children attend. I’m going to meet with our priest to ask if next year the kids can do appropriate valentines for the seminarians and bring in gifts like toiletries and such. Gratitude is an excellent way for kids to express live, and a sugar high seems an excellent method for incurring disdain.

  • robertgwirth

    I just finished writing a letter to my granddaughter explaining about Saint Valentine (who she probably doesn’t know about), also Sts. Cyril and Methodius (who she knows plenty about).  Valentine was a martyr beheaded for the crime of being a Christian, and (oh, horrors!) a priest!  Father Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez (who I first read about in grade school 55 years ago) was martyred in 1927 in Mexico for being — a Catholic priest.  It’s going to happen here, folks, and we need saints to look up to, to give us courage.  You have it right, Kat: the story of the real saint is far more romantic and noble.  (Read Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s essay on Love, just put up on his blog gkupside down.)
    Thanks for all you do, Kat, and a very happy SAINT Valentine’s Day to you!