China’s ghost children…

Artist Li Tianbing paints imaginary siblings and talks about China’s one child policy;

“But Li’s paintings of children were not just a recreation of his own childhood identity, but an exploration of what was happening in China. The one-child policy, he says, has had unimagined consequences. “There are the hidden children,” he says.

“They can’t go to school, because they don’t officially exist. In the big cities, there’s a market. Children can be bought and sold. They disappear.”

Li still finds it surprising in France, he says, “when a child goes missing, and it’s in the newspapers and a poster goes up, and stays for months! In China, nothing like that happens.”

Fines and punishments for having a second child are harsh: “You will be denied promotion. You may have a 20% pay cut. Your apartment can be taken away from you, your benefits cut. In the private sector, the fines can go up to six years of salary.”

The longer-term economic consequences, Li says, are dramatic. “Traditionally, the Chinese have at least two children to provide for them in old age. But by 2030 in China – the third generation of the one-child policy – every young couple will have 12 old people to provide for. The whole thing will just explode.”

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  • Absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Anonymous

    The Truth was here among us long ago.

    We chose to ignore it.

    When the One World Government started, we ignored it.

    While it happens around the World, we continue to ignore it.

    The best possible way to describe who is doing this is to quote an saying from the 1960s:

    “We have met the Enemy.

    And it is US.”


  • Anonymous

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    The News media is bending over backwards to support baby killers any chance they get.

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    Viva Cristo Rey!