Trayvon Martin™, irony, and abortion…

Trayvon Martin™, irony, and abortion… March 28, 2012

… Let me get this straight; it is perfectly acceptable for a mother to kill her own child via abortion but when someone else murders that child it becomes a national incident with teens rioting, death threats, intimidation, and bounties for that murder’s head at prayer vigils. Oh, and we can’t forget the capitalistic trademarks because righteous indignation, no matter how misguided, is a profitable business.

Of course none of those actions are the same stereotypical behaviors African Americans claim lead to racial profiling.

More irony.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 43% of all murder victims in the US were African Americans and of those 93.1% were killed by other African Americans. If we want to talk about racial victimization in America we need to start with those who perpetuate the most crimes against black people – other black people.

And the black on black crime doesn’t stop there. In the United States blacks make up only 12% of the total population yet abort their young at the staggering rate of 30-36%. Each year in our country nearly half a million black babies are murdered by abortion.

Now on to the media circus.

The first reports we heard of Trayvon Martin’s death were that he was shot by a white man. That “white” man turned out to be Hispanic. And a Democrat. But those facts proved disappointing making it hard for the media to whip up public frenzy. Public frenzy sells, disappointing facts do not. So in the same breath condemning the racial profiling that led to Trayvon’s death, media outlets racially profiled Zimmerman, convinced he was a white man. And everyone knows all white men are rich, fat republicans. When the photo’s of Zimmerman didn’t match their own preconceived racial ideals they decided to settle for referring to him as, laughably, “White Hispanic“.

Next came those first images of Trayvon as a fresh faced 12 year old boy despite the fact he was 17 years old and looked more like this. When it surfaced that Trayvon had a history of school suspensions the media dredged up all of Zimmerman’s past criminal activities. Fair enough, I suppose.

The world is calling for Zimmerman’s blood without his due process because the media has manipulated the public and allowed only one side of the story to surface. Every day new details emerge. We have to allow the authorities to investigate before riling up the public on a man hunt. If this could happen to Zimmerman, who purportedly was defending himself, than it could happen to you or I.

Calling this a hate crime or a race crime denigrates all crimes. Murder is murder. All murder and loss of life is a tragedy. The victim’s skin color should not be an indicator of the severity of the crime. To say it is a hate crime to kill a black boy and be more severally punishable by law than the death of a white or Hispanic boy is pure racism. It is a tragedy that Trayvon Martin lost his life. It is a tragedy for his parents. I too have lost a child and understand a bit of their pain. But his death is no different from the thousands of other young black deaths that happen in this country every year. Where is their righteous indignation?

Selective outrage and pandering.

Would Bobby Rush be so quick to flaunt a hoodie in Congress if he had seen this video of 6 hooded black youth brutally beating a 64 year old Vietnam war vet. A one eyed Vietnam war vet at that. Oh, Bobby Rush. Did you run out of crime in Chicago to focus on? Did South Chicago become a vacation paradise while I wasn’t looking?

Even Obama’s pandered to the whole media orchestrated zoo. Apparently if Obama had a son he’d look like Trayvon so we all should be outraged. But if that boy didn’t look like him, well then it would OK. I’m waiting for his statement on the 13 year old set on fire for being white. He should be making that right after he gets off the phone with Bristol Palin.

Selective outrage and racial tensions fueled by the media do not bring back Trayvon Martin and 30% of the entire African American population lost to abortion. Denying Zimmerman his right to due process is not justice either. Our only recourse as a nation is to allow the authorities and the justice system to do their jobs and pray for the repose of souls lost to abortion and murder.

I think the most clear and concise way to sum this tragedy up is that divisive racial rhetoric only pits brother against brother by fostering hatred that negates what Christ taught us about love. How better for the devil to stir up hatred than creating division amongst men; be it the 1% versus the 99%, black versus white, Republicans versus Democrats, or homosexual versus heterosexual. So while we fight against wrong, we still have to be very very clear what it is we are fighting against and into whose hands we are being played.

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  • doughboy


  • girl

    I agree with you but I wanted to point out that the pic showing who is supposed to be Trayvon Martin giving a double “bird-flip” (in the link under the words “more like this”) is being reported to be a fake and not actually Trayvon Martin.  I could be wrong though.

    The media’s portrayal of both the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman does stink to high heaven.  No one seems to have the whole story yet but people are awfully quick to call this racism based on little to no evidence. 

    My prayers that justice is served in this case and in the case of the thousands of children murdered daily by abortion.

  • I love you. You don’t mind if I publicly claim to know you, do you?

  • Hatchetwoman

    On the hoodie controversy … last summer, the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, made a speech at a church about the flash-mobs of black youths that had been terrorizing the city.  He called out the hoodie-wearing, saggy-pants-ed, mumbling thugs, telling them to “take those hoodies down” and “pull your pants up!  Buy a belt!”   He went on to describe their overall “look” and said “Don’t blame the White Man.”  He got a very enthusiastic response … why didn’t everyone go marching all over about the hoodie comment then?  Was it because it was one of their own, “speaking plainly” as he called it?  Was it because they were among the victims of the youth that’s been plainly influenced by the thuggery that’s invaded pop culture?  Was it because it’s true that the clothes make the man?  I wonder.

    Here’s the video.  The whole thing is worth watching, but if you want to see the portion I referenced, forward to 9:45. 

    • Ladynavyvet

      Thanks for that link, I had heard about that speech, but hadn’t seen it before. I lived in Philly in the mid 80’s, when these mobs of teenagers first started, but they called them “wolf packs” back then, they mainly attacked people in the underground train stations. People with common sense got off the “El” before it went underground, and took buses the rest of the way. We generally laughed at the city logo, “the city of brotherly love”, it was nothing to hear small arms fire in the business district during the middle of the day. This was also the peroid of time the “Mafia wars” were ongoing in Philly. We needed a no nonsense mayor like Nutter back then.

  • Volunteer Mackerel Snapper

    Outstanding! Will link to this on my blog, as it says it all.

  • Well said!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • j.

    I attended the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally in Chicago last Friday, where 2500 peaceful people were present.  A few blocks away 200 people were marching in a hoodie protest of Trayvon’s death.  Who got the media coverage on the 5pm news?  You guessed it.  The hoodie march was covered for several minutes, and the religious freedom rally received less than one minute, with some ABC bias thrown in at the end.  We cannot even call news reporting as news…it is opinion.

  • Ladynavyvet

    Kat, thank you for a fair, common sense post like this. I agree about these so called “hate crime laws”, aren’t all personal violent crimes “hate crimes”, domestic violence being one of the worst of them all? But no, this man has already been convicted in the MSM, and if he’s attacked, or murdered who will bare the blame for it, Spike Lee, Rev.Al, Jessie Jackson, the “New Black Panthers”???

  • Jerry

    Hi Katrina, thanks for your post, I read it with great interest since I have been trying to keep tabs on this case as well. An online op-ed piece from the Atlantic Monthly appeared today and it lines up with one of your points: