I appreciate honesty and things I wish pro-abortion advocates would admit to themselves…

… So often we never say what we mean, hold our tongues, or soften our rhetoric to appear more considerate and unoffensive. On the rare occasion when someone actually boldly claims what they believe without reservation I appreciate that honesty. I may hate what it is they say but at least I know where they stand to hate it. Take this pro-abortion advocate for instance; she loves abortion. I mean really hearts it.

I love abortion. I don’t accept [sic] it. I don’t view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it. I donate to abortion funds. I write about how important it is to make sure that every woman has access to safe, legal abortion services. I have bumper stickers and buttons and t-shirts proclaiming my support for reproductive freedom. I love abortion.

Safe and legal are concepts I fully support, but rare is something I cannot abide… there is no need to suggest that abortion be rare. To say so implies a value judgement, promoting the idea that abortion is somehow distasteful or immoral and should be avoided.” [ Jessica DelBalzo, Source]

I think this women’s views are extremely vile and repugnant, but not shocking. I suspect a good deal of pro-abortion advocates feel as she does but refuse to publicly acknowledge how much they really love abortion because it sounds nasty. Certain truths are unpalatable. She’s right though, if abortion is cuddly goodness then why not embrace it in its totality and throw your arms around it. Go ahead, give abortion a big warm hug.

Does the idea of unconditional love for abortion seem a bit extreme or repulsive? If you are a pro-abortion advocate reading this please stop and ask yourself why the idea of loving abortion makes you uncomfortable. Is it because you think of abortion as a necessary evil? A desperate last resort? Something you would not chose for yourself but should still be available for other women regardless?

Abortion is not good for women and you know this in the back of your mind or else you would be proudly embracing abortion like Ms. DelBalzo. If you find yourself making excuses and rationalizations for your support of abortion than I would have to say you are contradicting yourself. You do not believe with your whole heart everything you are trying to convince yourself, and others, you believe. If you feel abortion is a necessary evil why would you want to support evil at all? If abortion is OK as a last resort or act of desperation, then why do you support women being pushed to desperation? If you would not have an abortion yourself, then why would you endorse women suffering a harm you wouldn’t expose yourself to? Why do you continue to advocate something you know not to be in a woman’s best interest?

The only ones waging “war of women” are pro-abortion advocates and misogynistic feminists selling evil and taking advantage of desperate women. I am pro-life. I am pro-woman. I know women deserve better than abortion.

There is no excuse or rationalization that can be made for abortion; either love it with every fiber of your being and show the world your true self or quit advocating it right now.

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  • Excellent. Fantastic post, Mme. Crescat!

  • Belle

    The government is a necessary evil. 

    Other than that, great post, women do deserve better than abortion.

  • Once again you hit it outta the park!

    I think I’ve found that most of my ‘pro-abort’ ‘friends’ in my life had been not only kidding themselves that they were ‘areligious’ and that abortion was an amoral issue, but that they were very religious in  false religion whether that was in pursuing their ‘education’ or ‘career’.   In contrast I had known  a highly successful artist who had six children.  She painted every day when they were down for a nap, and when they were in school.  She continued to paint the most beautiful images even as her children grew up and moved away.  Having her babies added to her life, not detracted.  And I was so grateful to know her when I was living amid my ‘pro-abort’ friends.

  • robertgwirth

    Strongly and beautifully said, Kat.  Thank you!!

  • Gail Finke

    This is a really great post. I say this as someone who used to be “pro-choice.” Looking back on my earlier view, I would say it was exactly what you wrote: “Is it because you think of abortion as a necessary evil? A desperate last resort? Something you would not chose for yourself but should still be available for other women regardless?” Thinking that way, I just tried really hard not to consider the issue any further because I was, indeed, uneasy about it. But I didn’t want to be one of “those crazy people” who protested what everyone else thought was fine. What pushed me off the fence was considering exactly your argument here. If it was a “lesser evil,” that mean it was indeed “evil.” And on a purely pratical level, you don’t tolerate an evil if there are plenty of non-evil alternatives. 

    Different people are persuaded by different things. This is what persuaded me and, being persuaded that way, I became open to the other arguments — the Scriptural and Natural Law positions, for example. It is an argument that needs to be made often and with conviction. I find the “He came as a baby” ads cloying and the pictures of aborted babies unbearable, but for me this was IT.

  • KMM

    “Abortion is not good for women and you know this in the back of your mind or else you would be proudly embracing abortion like Ms. DelBalzo.”

    You come down hard on the point that abortion is bad for women way too often, in my opinion.  

    Before you think I’m an apologist,  I will say that I do agree that abortion is bad for women. My mother had two abortions and the psychological damage she endured as a result is something I know first hand.  I also know the way it hurts the future families of mothers of aborted children.  I found out about them when I was 8 or 9, and it took me years and a session of counseling before I stopped hating her for it. 

    But as someone you are someone who has never had an abortion, I take issue with you coming down so hard and so often on that part of the issue for multiple reasons.  

    First of all, you don’t REALLY know.  For the women who do suffer trauma afterwards, it’s beyond what I really think is within your tag of, “I actually know what I’m talking about, here.” (not that you tagged this piece as such, but I’m just saying that you speak as if you know, and I’m not sure you do.) 

    Second of all, the unfortunate fact is that many women DON’T suffer from trauma afterward. I certainly imagine DelBazo wouldn’t, nor would any of the women like her.  Even women who feel less strongly about abortion being an objective good can compartmentalize it and don’t think about it for the rest of their lives.  It’s tragic, of course, and says a lot about the kind of society we live in, but it’s true. 

    But ultimately it’s beside the point.  Whether women who have abortions feel trauma later on or not is not why abortion is wrong.  Abortion is wrong because it snuffs out an innocent life.  To pound into the argument of whether or not abortion is bad for women makes your appeal to pro-choice feminists seem desperate, and most of them will never agree with you anyway.  If they ever change their minds about abortion, it will be because they finally recognize the Life inside the womb.  The acknowledgment of its affect on women will come later. 

    Speaking of feminism, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– FEMINISM is not at the root of abortion.  FEMINISM is not misogynistic.  FEMINISM is what gave you a widely read place to write that feminism is misogynistic, and to raise a son as a single mother and still be able to pay your bills and not be labelled a trollop.  The people who support abortion may call themselves and their beliefs feminist, but that doesn’t mean that’s what it is. 

    • I stopped reading after this;

      But as someone you are someone who has never had an abortion, I take issue with you coming down so hard and so often on that part of the issue for multiple reasons.  ”

      • KMM

        Glad to hear you really are so open to feedback– HONEST feedback! 

        •  Nah, I stopped reading there, too. “As someone who has never actually OWNED a slave, I take issue with you and your opinion…” or “As someone who has never actually TORN a child apart limb from limb, I take issue with you and your opinion…”

          American Feminism took the wrong road here. When we started advocating abortion and contraception as a woman’s right, we started treating women like sperm receptacles.

          Good post, Kat.

          • KMM

            I hope both of you know that this issue will never be solved unless all sides of it are explored.  By purposefully cutting yourself off from an opinion (from someone who probably has more first hand knowledge of the issue than either of you)  is not particularly wise or helpful.   Glad we’re doing all we can to understand each other. 

          • (from someone who probably has more first hand knowledge of the issue than either of you) 
            I wish you would stop making assumptions. 

            Regardless, I do not need to murder my child so I can appropriately write about something nor more than I need to shoot heroine to know it’s bad for me or rob a bank to know stealing is wrong.  

            You do realize you are arguing for murder, right?

          • KMM

            What are you talking about, Katrina?  I guess you really DIDN’T read my comment, because I said again and again that my problem is that you presume to know the thoughts of someone who has done something you have never done.  That’s… basically logic.

          • KMM

            That should be basic* logic.  Anyway, I will just repeat what I said before… 

            Abortion is wrong.  Killing is wrong. Shooting heroin is wrong. All of it is wrong. 

            But as far as how all that affects the person doing the action (aborting, killing, doing drugs), how can you possibly know what they go through?   You can opine, to be sure, but don’t speak as if you have any firmly grounded, empirical knowledge. 

            And please, please… read before you respond. 

          • Please please please read what I keep writing over and over and over again. You do not know how firmly grounded in the subject I am- you just assume to know things about me. 

          • Marialouisa

             But you didn’t read what she said and accused her of advocating murder…

          • Forget logic.  

            It is a moral conclusion to assume that the act of murder has a harmful affect on a person’s heart and mind.   What kind of person would be unaffected by the guilt of murder?you wrote: “I think it would be a bit silly for me to presume to know how the slave owners feel about their slaves, and the murderer about the child. “If a slave owner is confused about their moral culpability towards a slave or a murderer is uncertain about their moral culpability towards their victim, then we have an absolute duty to enlighten them so that they might, by God’s grace, repent.

          • KMM

            Sigh.  Once again, I’m not talking about not presenting them with the fact that abortion is murder.  But for someone to feel guilty over that, they have to be aware of that already.  That’s why many women do not feel as though abortion is bad for them.  According to Katrina’s post, many do NOT have an inclination to believe they have committed murder, and as I said, the ones who might often compartmentalize it. 

            I will repeat what I said in my first post, that what it does to the mother is beside the point to begin with. We can address that issue once more people acknowledge that abortion is wrong because it is killing.  We don’t argue against the murder of fully developed out-of-the-womb humans by saying, “But think of the mental trauma you’ll suffer later because of it!”

            I have no problem with Katrina saying it’s bad for women. I just feel that her argument leads to that too often, and I don’t like that for the reasons I mentioned in my first post.  

          • Just like you keep presuming things about me. You know more my past than I do yours. 

          • Marialouisa

             Look, you can take issue with the way she said what she said, but she came down just as firmly as you that abortion is murder.  You need to read what she said before you respond.

          • KMM

            Ick, not really fair editing a post after the person it was directed at already replied.  

            Abortion is a much more complex issue than either of those.  Not because it’s any less wrong, but because there are still many people for whom that is not obvious, and therefore needs to be approached differently. 

          • KMM

            Also, I never said she couldn’t have an opinion on abortion, and I didn’t even say she wasn’t entitled to her opinion on how it affects the mother. What I DID say was that I thought she shouldn’t be so heavy handed on that particular facet, often with the tone of someone who knows firsthand, which she doesn’t. 

            And now that I think about it,  I would say the same thing about slaves and infanticide.  While I believe both are very, very wrong, I think it would be a bit silly for me to presume to know how the slave owners feel about their slaves, and the murderer about the child. Don’t you? 

    • W. Randolph Steele

      I’m glad that you posted what you did. I have known 2 women in my life who had abortions(and NO, I was NOT responsible for either pregnancy) and BOTH had them for what THEY believed and I do as well were good reason. In the first instance, the woman was raped in college and this wasn’t the ONLY reason for HER. She was/is NOT able to physically a pregnancy to term without suffering serious physically damage or even death. In the other case, the woman discovered early on the pregnancy that the fetus was severely deformed and SHE likely would’ve suffered physical damage as well.  BOTH of them by the way, were/are CONSERVATIVE Republicans. They didn’t like their choices, but decided that, given their circumstances, it was their only truly rational choice.

  • kenneth

    Any movement which posits that I must “love abortion with every fiber of my being” or else fall in line with them is a movement well worth avoiding and opposing. It levels the same demands of uncritical, unthinking absolute with us or against us obedience as movements which inspire people to fly planes into buildings.
        Step back for a moment and think about what’s just been said here: If your moral reasoning on abortion is any more nuanced or conflicted or at all different than the pro-life orthodoxy, you must profess to love the destruction of fetal life in the same way as a man must celebrate touchdowns in a football game. That is far and away the most asinine thing I have read in this new year, and in a year dominated by the likes of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, that is quite a distinction!   Over several decades of weighing the issue, I have come to a position of advocating “safe legal and rare.” Never once celebrated an abortion, nor has any of the women I know who had one. Abortion is a tragic choice, resorted to by women who either have no better alternatives, or feel (rightly or wrongly) that they have no better alternatives. It is a choice worth trying to reduce through reduction of unintended pregnancies, changes in cultural values, support of young unwed mothers etc. Prohibition has never deterred abortion, only compounded the tragedy by imposing death or grave damage upon women.     The “pro-life” movement, which holds itself as the sole arbiter and champion of morality in this matter, has instead revealed itself to be a greater evil, in my estimation. It is not motivated by a love of life but by the hatred of its opponents (and even lukewarm supporters). Its words, and more importantly, actions, reveal that is is informed by the darkest human impulses of self-righteous rage and the desire to bend others to their will by any means necessary.     This is a movement which has decided that its cause is so holy that it is itself exempt from any constraints of decency or morality in pursuing its ends. In its most extreme quarters, this movement has celebrated the extrajudicial murder of abortionists. It has attempted to pass laws legalizing the pre-meditated murder of abortion providers as “self-defense”. It has passed laws specifically designed to terrorize abortion doctors and patients via publication of their home addresses and other personal information.    Very recently, in Virginia, it very nearly succeeded in passing a law mandating the state-supervised rape of women in the guise of a medical procedure (ultrasound), in order to intimidate women from undergoing abortion. It has passed or attempted to pass laws holding women criminally liable for ordinary miscarriages. Other measures would or have forced women to carry dead fetuses to term or allowing hospitals to refuse to provide even emergency abortions where the woman faced certain death without one.    This is a movement which thinks its OK for the state to insert itself into the doctor-patient relationship to force doctors to try to emotionally manipulate or even lie to women to influence their decisions. It is a movement which has attempted and is presently working to outlaw virtually all contraception. It is a movement which demands that young people be held in a state of absolute ignorance about reproductive biology and contraception and the means to reduce risks of disease. If you don’t hew to their ideal of total abstinence or married chastity, this movement WANTS you to suffer or even die for that choice. Many of the folks in this movement were among those who actually celebrated the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and early 90s as God’s wages for sin.    This is a movement, which asserts at the root of its philosophy, that women are first and foremost beasts, brood mares for society. All of their own ambitions or rights, even to their own lives, is secondary to that function. Further, it states that there is a collective interest in enforcing that role and that any man or men, from their own partner, to a rapist, to a politician, has a legitimate interest and authority in  the life of any woman toward that end. It is indistinguishable from Salafist Islam in this respect.    I will not celebrate abortion as an unqualified good, but neither will I make common cause with the twisted movement which says I must make such an absurd choice in order to have a morally defensible position. 

    • That is far and away the most asinine thing I have read in this new year, and in a year dominated by the likes of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, that is quite a distinction!”

      Neat. And I didn’t even have to call anyone a slut. 

      Kenneth, this post saddens me because of all my liberal commenters you by far have been the most rational and intelligent, at times even likable.  You’ve made some fantastic thought provoking statements that have given me pause. 

      But do you even see what you just wrote? You do not celebrate abortion as a common good. You’ve never once celebrated an abortion or any woman who has had one?

      By your own admission you see abortion is not in the best interest of women and yet you advocate for it?  Yet I am the one who hates women? 

      I fail to see what there even is to debate. You can not possibly advocate killing unborn children and actually think you have a moral leg to stand on?

      • kenneth

        I don’t think abortion is in the best interests of anyone. I also don’t happen to think alcoholism or heroin addiction are good things either. At the same time, I believe prohibition for all of these things is a “cure” that’s worse than the disease.
           In the case of the abortion prohibition  I have also found it to be one of the most malicious and morally repugnant movements I have ever come across. This is based on many encounters over many years. That’s not to say everyone with that view is twisted and depraved, but the strongest currents within it certainly are, in my experience.
             The fact is that I, and many millions of Americans don’t think abortion is such a good thing but have different ideas about what to do about it. We don’t much appreciate being branded as advocates or celebrants of murder for that “disloyalty”. You are free to call us what you wish, of course, but you should be aware that such tactics, and the nature of the contemporary pro-life movement,  are the best fundraising campaign Planned Parenthood could ever hope for..

    • Anonymous

       Please explain to me how an ultrasound, vaginal or not, can be considered “rape” and inserting a speculum and vacuum to do an abortion is not “rape”. Both are intrusive, yet only one is considered rape. To call a vaginal ultrasound rape lessens what real rape is.  If a woman is okay with having an abortion, which is an invasive procedure, how does an ultrasound become worse than the abortion? She has already consented to the insertion into her vagina.

      And please notice that I’m not asking you to explain why a woman would wish to have an abortion. I want to know why abortion is okay but ultrasound is considered rape. How do they differ in invasiveness?

      • Um. They perform an ultrasound before ALL abortions to determine gestation so they know how much to charge. You know this going in. This is not rape. I know what rape is. I’m putting an end to this thread right now. 

        • kenneth

          You’re putting an end to it because your ideas and those of many of your commenters can’t stand on their own legs on a fair debating field. Your ideas only hold the power to persuade so long as you can silence any contrary voices.