Too busy to post much today, so instead…

… some links I hope you find interesting, uplifting, and enlightening.

This one’s for you, Earl Scruggs. Requiscat in pace.


A video of the Pope and Fidel Castro meeting. Libertad!

The Pope in a sombrero…


My grandfather had a farm in Williamsburg and my happiest childhood memories were Christmas at his house and then heading to Colonial Williamsburg for hot apple cider. The springs there were just as wonderful. Oh, the gardens! Today I am feeling nostalgic and a tad home sick for Virginia.


Look heavenward this evening

When I was a little girl I wanted to go to the moon. I even went to NASA’s space camp one summer. I tried to join the Air Force after high school but didn’t score high enough on the ASVAB. Astronomy was my favorite subject in college and the only science I passed without tremendous effort and the aid of a tutor. Everyone loves astronomy because even a child has sense enough to look at the stars and be awed.


The cover art for the Magnificat’s Holy Week edition [download for free ↓] is of Jesus Mocked, by Phillipe de Champaigne. Just rest your eyes on it for a minute. Take two if you like.

Then let your ears rest on this…


And finally, 2 links for your intellectual enjoyment.

Mark Driscoll thinks we Catholics have too many books in our bible. Here’s why he’s dead wrong.

In debates it’s important to remember the 7 Diversion Tactics used in Philosophy and Theology … because you can only say “yeah but, I feel…” so much.

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  • Michael

    The best diversion tactic is always “Yo Momma!”

  • Anonymous

    This is a very good Lenten post.

    When the Holy Father looked out at the remnant of Catholics in Mexico, he saw the work of the Holy Mother, keeping her children in the fold of her mantle.

    He was surprised as was His Holiness John Paul II that was lead to say:

    “Mexico, siempre fiel”

    No Pope in history has ever said that of any other nation.

    Viva Mexico!

    Viva La Virgin Guadalupana!

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  • tj.nelson

    You should start a mug business and open a swag store.