In a vain attempt to make Monday mornings slightly more tolerable…

… I offer, for your personal enjoyment, this picture of a chicken in a dress. Monday Morning Chicken is a tradition of Old McDonald.

And while you are there at McDonald’s farm check out his Lego Star Wars Barrel Organ of Awesomeness.

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  • Thomas L. McDonald

    My first thought when I used to see pictures like this was that the chicken must hate it.  Au contraire, as the Chinese say. They seem like being kind of, well … pressed. Like duck! Our young ones, at least, are only really happy being held if their wings are kept flattened against their bodies and they’re kind of enclosed. And if a chicken is nervous, all you need to do is put a toilet paper tube over her head and she calms right down. Or so I’ve heard.

  • Angela Pea

    And slightly more tolerable it now is.  Thank you!

  • tj.nelson

    Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Sophia Vergara?

  • Apstemp

    Um, If you are going to do that to a ROOSTER,  a pantsuit might be more appropriate…