prepared to feel warm and fuzzy…

… ‘Feel Good Friday’ presents two videos and one post.

Every time a child is aborted love is denied. Below you’ll find the story of Lacey Buchanan, and her son, Christian. Prepare yourself.

Brandon Vogt possibly has the cutest kid ever. Except for mine, who enjoyed horrifying Evangelicals in his younger years. From the looks of this video, young Isaiah may have a vocation.

And lastly, May is the month we honor Mary but it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month. A Long Beach photographer realized that many of the residents of the mental health facility where she volunteered did not have a single photo of themselves or of their family. She immediately sought to remedy the situation. The results of her project, I Am The Fourth, can be found here and here. “I Am The Fourth” comes from the fact that one in four people suffer with mental health problems.

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