… The President hearts homosexuals, haven’t you heard. The news made Andrew Sullivan get all teary eyed. Now Hollywood is more in love him and wants to give him all their money for his campaign, meanwhile I have friends who have been out of work going on two years and $40K is more than I make in an entire year. Never mind the economy, attacks on religious freedoms, and the gazillion bazillion dollar national debt.

Nothing to see here, Folks. Move along.

Nope, the country is being led by a brave and sensitive man who, if he had gay sons they would probably look like this. ❤Awwww❤ Of course he is not pandering to a voter demographic during an election year! I trust that his comments are 100% sincere.

You may resume being distracted by this magazine cover showing a picture of a toddler chomping on his mom’s breast.

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  • LindaJ

    I have no words for how much this guy and his cronies in Hollywood and the press p*ss me off….meanwhile, I’m working at a physically demanding, menial job paying $10.00 an hour at the age of 55 because I couldn’t find anything else after being out of work for over a year.  Yeah, not happy at all. 

    •  LindaJ — Please hang in there. Those of us fortunate enough to have a job and to be squeaking by can only tell you that with President Romney and a Republican-controlled legislative branch of government, HELP IS ON THE WAY!

  • He truly is a magician…waves his wand of what people want to hear and causes the rest of it to disappear. Our country is in so much trouble. And still, I can’t help but lol at “if he had gay sons…” and don’t get me started on that woman breast feeding her grown child!

  • Tim

    Well I for one am overjoyed that all our problems have disappeared.  The recession is over, unemployment is down and gas is affordable.  Even the War on Terror is over!


    I’m not sure if Obama’s announcement ended the War on Women, but I’m sure he’ll win it before the media’s next Outrage! cycle begins.