Thanks, Abortion!

… There are a couple of these pro-abortion sites around, usually hosted by various abortion mills looking to validate themselves that being in the business of murdering infants is a good thing for women. The idea is that woman send them their positive abortion stories to … what… normalize abortion? Brag about? High five over a brew? I’m not entirely sure.

Look, if you need a website to promote or normalize a behavior it’s a pretty good indication that the behavior is, in fact, not normal and thus lose bragging rights. Something is either normal and excepted behavior or it’s not. And while it may be legal, for the time being, it will never be normal or praise worthy for a woman to kill her child.

No matter the statistics, 1 and 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime and 50 million women have had abortions since Roe v. Wade[1], what these websites fail to do is address whether abortion is good for women. Just because something is commonplace doesn’t make it good, and just because a handful of women write their “positive” abortion stories doesn’t suddenly make abortion not murder. I’m afraid that’s not how it works.

I’ve long felt that abortion was less about reproductive rights and more about a belief system that views children as the enemy and motherhood as repression. Well, and money too. Lots of money. All this talk about the war on women, like the Republicans just made it up for the sake of this single election. Fact is, motherhood and femininity has been under attack since the Sexual Revolution and the invention of the pill.

Now lets take a look at another affirmation pro-abortion website – Thanks, Abortion!

At least this one isn’t a thinly veiled disguise for empowerment stories, they actually hate babies and state so at face value. You can even buy one of their “bad ass positive abortion T-shirts” to prove how much you loathe those shrieking, puking, squirmy things normal people call babies.

So yeah, credit for the half-honesty. I appreciate honesty but I appreciate the truth in full more. So please allow me to finish your incomplete website with the following affirmations to abortion.

Thanks, Abortion … for the post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, increased drug use, self destructive lifestyle, anxiety, prenatal loss, for the increase in premature birth, and protecting statutory rapists.

Oh, and sex selective abortions; can’t forget to add female gendercide to the growing list of abortion positives.

Abortion has been so empowering and positive on me and the other millions of women who have had to seek psychiatric evaluation for mood disorders and suicidal thoughts. Yay for abortion! Can’t you feel the positivity oozing from your computer?

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  • Fuquay Steve

    Once again, your insight is alarming and truthful. My prayers for you and your family.

  • Manny

    “Got a quickie aborsh…”

    Boy they make it sound like the coolest thing.  Too bad I’m a man and can’t get one.  The evil of such a line .

  • Oregon Catholic

    I think Sarah Silverman was having a Freudian moment when she posted those before and after pics.
    Before: Mother and father (presumably) smiling and happy about pregnancy
    After: Sad, wretched looking mother, absent father

    • She does look wretched doesn’t she. I thought the same thing… if aborsh is no big deal than why pretend to look all forlorn after the fact?  

  • Mark Abeln

    That is as foolish as a website praising drunk driving. 

  • Anna

    A far more accurate t-shirt would be a “thanks abortion” along with a smartphone tag taking people to your heartrending post on that subject.  I don’t suppose the site lets you design your own?